Beginning is always the hardest part of an assignment. The introduction should not be the first thing you begin to write when starting to work on an essay. First, tons of research should be conducted — in order for your paper to be good. Only then you will be able to extract the main points […]

Written Assignment

Assignment Guideline: Written assignment [Overview]The objective is to develop a co-production research design integrating a problematization of a problem situation and a design of a research project within the domain of innovation and design. This assignment involves the construction of a research design with appropriate focus on exploring different qualitative, quantitative and co-productive methods. Written […]

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Articulate your reaction to the articles. Do not just summarize the readings! Each response should cover three points: 1) be sure you address the main points of each reading; 2) compare or contrast the readings, 3) provide a real-world example of one of the psychological concepts from one of the readings. You can raise questions, […]

Expository essay: Promoting Resilience: Clients belief system, worldviews, and values

You have explored the impact of the client’s belief system, worldview, and values on their perception and ability to cope with the adverse challenges in their life. You also explored the multiple resources that can be used to help build resilience from extended family to social and economic resources. In this Assignment, you are asked […]


Week 1: Pharmacogenomics (Original Post due Wednesday, Peer Response due Sunday)PurposeThe purpose of this assignment is for students to discuss how human genetic variations impact pharmacokinetics andpharmacodynamics of drugs and the application for use in the clinical setting.Activity Learning OutcomesThrough this discussion, the student will demonstrate the ability to: Explain how pharmacogenomics is currently applied […]

Comparative Analysis

Assignment #2: Summary-Analysis – Comparative Analysis with Primary and Secondary Sources Write a 3-4 page analysis essay on one of the following articles: “In Defense of Cultural Appropriation,” or “Tigger Warnings and the Swaddled Generation.” Like the first assignment, the introductory paragraph will summarize the article. The thesis will come at the end of the […]

Assessing Discussion Forum Access Controls

Exercise 1: Assessing Discussion Forum Access ControlsDue Week 9 and worth 125 pointsObjective: The goal is to evaluate the process of joining a discussion forum group to analyze their “access controls.”  Please note: Do not use your primary, personal email address to sign up for the forum you select for this exercise. It is a good idea to […]

Financial Statement Assignment

For this assignment, you will use the financial statements you created for Assignment 3 and create pro forma statements in your spreadsheet software. Each pro forma statement should have a different projection. At least one should include a revenue increase and at least one should include the receipt of capital funding. The third is your […]

Business & Finance homework

Instructions and Guidelines for the Project For the statistics project, you address some questions that interest you with the statistical methodology you learned.  Student will choose the research question; decide how to collect data; and do the analyses.  The questions can address almost any topic (subject to my approval), including topics in economics, psychology, sociology, […]

Problem Set

A 25-ft-diameter concrete caisson is to be sunk to the rock surface shown in Figure 5.17 at a depth of 50 ft. Describe, using sketches where appropriate, how you would do it, and what problems you might encounter. Order with Us