Q1. MATLAB/SIMULINK to simulate step responses of second-order systems 5 seconds find the poles. a) First, write a Simulink to show each step response and show them, respectively. b) Second, write a Simulink and show four step responses together in one figure. c) Using workspace simout block, send the responses in simout variable to plot […]


Leadership Approach Find a current business event from The Wall Street Journal that represents a leadership challenge. Now, imagine you have been asked to step into the leadership role to manage the challenge. Order at Discuss the steps you would take in the first 90 days of your leadership. Explain your approach by applying learning from […]


Do you think children are established members of the moral community? What principles of ethics can be used to defend your answer? Order at Order at for the best answers.

Policy Analysis Paper

In this assignment, you will create a practical and professional document that will represent the level of work that is expected from modern professional policy analysts. Use the information from the worksheet completed to build on for this assignment. Order at There should be six main sections to the Policy Analysis Paper: *Problem Definition […]

Capstone Project

For this assignment, again, it is beneficial that you keep the topic you would like to research for the capstone proposal in mind. The capstone will require a literature review for your proposal, of which you may use articles obtained during this course. Order at Select a peer-reviewed, experimental research study that exemplifies a […]