statistics Provide the formulas for everything the 1st time before

Important: 1. Provide the formulas for everything the 1st time before giving the answer. Include your SAS programs for all problems. 2. Approximate your numbers to four decimals and highlight all-important answers. 3. Work on your own, you are not allowed to ask a classmate about the test. If I notice copying or cheating, both […]

Finance-(Chapters 7 and 13). You recently learned in FIN 602 how to value

Please post your answers to Modules 2 and 3 Journal questions here. Only you and your instructor will see your answers. Questions for Modules 2& 3 Q#1 (Chapters 7 and 13). You recently learned in FIN 602 how to value stocks using the P/E multiples approach, constant dividend growth model, and corporate valuation model. On […]

Finance-MBAA 518 – Managerial Finance

Final Paper Ivan A. Primak.docx#_msocom_1″>[ARP1] Embry Riddle.docx#_msocom_2″>[ARP2] University MBAA 518 – Managerial Finance Instructor: Dr. Al Rodriguez September 28, 2015 Profitability Pfizer Inc. has huge profitability ratios of the order of 80% as gross profit margin and around 25% as net profit margin..docx#_msocom_3″>[ARP3] The company is highly profitable.docx#_msocom_4″>[ARP4]. As compared to the competitor, GlaxoSmithKline, they […]

Finance-FNCE 451- Fall 2015 Assignment 1

FNCE 451- Fall 2015Assignment 1 Due October 1, 2015 Each problem is worth 3 points for a total of 15. Please don’t hand in your Excel models, just use them.Slight differences in implementation might give different acceptable answers, that’s not the focus here.1. With interest rates so low, some investors have considered replacing bond investments […]

Finance-For this assignment I would like to use the company Apple.

For this assignment I would like to use the company Apple. I am not looking for the whole 2,500 word essay, I am just looking for advice on how to get started, tips, websites that will give me the required information, how best to go about writing it out, etc… The more detailed the response […]

Finance-RSM 333 (2015) – ASSIGNMENT #2

RSM 333 (2015) – ASSIGNMENT #2Due Monday, August 10th, 2015 (4:00pm) at the Rotman Commerce OfficePlease submit a cover page. You will find the template on the course portal.The total available marks is 100. (Please show your work in detail.)Problem 1 – Cost of Capital (40 Marks)Please select from the list of companies below to […]

Finance-Use your company or select a public company

Use your company or select a public company (please use The Coding Network or Johnson and Johnson), and analyze the methods of operational and financial leverage that should be considered in determining whether to acquire another organization. Financial leverage includes internal financing, equity financing, bond financing, reducing dividends to increase internal cash flow, and using […]


Read the case study for this unit regarding ExtremeNet and Allen Lopez. As the Chief Executive Officer for ExtremeNet, you are responsible for resolving the conflict between Allen Lopez and ExtremeNet in a manner that demonstrates solid ethical reasoning skills and the ability to manage stakeholder interests. Case Study For seven years, Allen Lopez had […]


Unit 9 Final Project: Throughout this course, you were asked to think about your Final Project. For your Final Project, you will construct a Portfolio documenting your successes in achieving key objectives in the class. The three primary course goals reflected in your Portfolio will be: Analytical skill building: Improving your critical reading, writing, and […]