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Cultural Context Essay

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A Cultural Context essay examines a work as a product of its time, place, society, etc. For example, a cultural context essay may examine Sharon Olds’ The One Girl at the Boys’ Party” as a product of the Feminist Movement or it may look at Death of a Salesman in the context of Post-WWII America and the further decline of pre-Industrial America values. The challenge will be to find a piece that has an overt or underlying subtext related to a cultural, social, and/or political issue of its era. The basic theme may be love but you may wish to look at the cultural context of love portrayed through a female protagonist in the late 1800’s. You may choose a work from any genre we have explored during the course, but the text does not have to be one we covered in class. After selecting your text, you will need to research the available criticism and the issues the work is addressing in order to use them as support within your paper. There should be no less than three sources.

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Title: a-cultural-context-essay-examines-a-work-as-a-product-of

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