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Multiple Choice: Select the best answer.

1. According
to David Foster Wallace, the real purpose of education is to:

Decide what to think

Escape our “default” settings
to become less self-centered

Learn how to control our
thoughts and, sometimes, fictionalize others

All of the above

2. According
to Sean Kelly, the real purpose of education is to:

Contribute to the
possibility of a meaningful life

Prepare to get a job

Learn transferable skills
in a competitive society

Both (b) and (c)

3. The
two principles which support market reasoning are:

The principles of
fairness and integrity

The principles of
autonomy and utility

The principles of liberty
and utility

The principles of
democracy and responsibility

4. According
to Sandel, the Era of Market Triumphalism is:

A positive triumph of
free market reasoning in economic life

A historical shift from
having a market economy to being a market society

Attributable solely to
Republican politicians since the 1980’s

Both (b) and (c)

Evaluate the arguments. If the
argument is deductive, identify whether it is valid/invalid and
sound/unsound. If the argument is
inductive, identify whether the argument is strong/weak and cogent/uncogent.

5. If
John F. Kennedy was beheaded, then John F. Kennedy died. John F. Kennedy died. Therefore, John F. Kennedy was beheaded.

6. Every
map of the United States shows that New York is situated on the west
coast. Therefore, New York must be a
western state.

7. Since
Washington, D.C. is south of Atlanta and north of New York City, it follows
that Atlanta is north of New York City.

: Explain the differences in connotation
for these words/phrases:

8. Sniper
versus Sharpshooter

9. Enhanced
Interrogation Techniques versus Torture

10. Should
we raise taxes at the top? versus Should we take more from the wealthy?

: Identify the most accurate fallacy in the
passage. If there is a sub-type,
identify it. Then briefly explain your

11. Senator
Monroe advocates for increased gun control in our country. But the real issue here is that psychopaths
are committing all these terrible crimes.
If they just got better treatment for their conditions, and if we identified
their afflictions sooner, everything would be fine. So, we really just need to fix our broken
mental healthcare system.

12. Erica
Evans, who takes orders at the local Taco Bell, argues persuasively in favor of
increasing the minimum wage. But this is
exactly what you would expect. Erica is
paid the minimum wage, and if the minimum wage is increased, then her own
salary will go up. Obviously Erica’s
arguments are worthless.

13. Mr.
Prime Minister, I am certain you will want to release the members of our
National Liberation Group whom you currently hold in prison. After all, I’m sure you will want to avoid
having car bombs go off in the centers of your most heavily populated cities.

Short Answer:

14. Watch
two short clips. The first is a
selection from one”>President
Obama’s speeches during the 2012 campaign
season. The second is″>attack advertisement against the President
from the conservative organization American Crossroads. Regardless of the merits or demerits of Obama’s
argument(s), the attack ad commits a logical fallacy. Identify the fallacy and explain it.

15. While
discussing the case of Shakespeare in the Park, Sandel writes the following:

advocates might reply as follows: If the theater really wants to fill its seats
with people eager to see the play and to maximize the pleasure its performances
give, then it should want tickets to go to those who value them most
highly. And those are the people who
will pay most for a ticket. So the best
way to pack the house with an audience that will derive the greatest pleasure
from the play is to let the free market operate – either by selling tickets for
whatever price the market will bear, or by allowing line standers and scalpers
to sell to the highest bidders. Getting
tickets to those willing to pay the highest price for them is the best way of
determining who most values a Shakespeare performance (Sandel 31).

How does Sandel respond to this criticism? Explain.

Long Answer:

16. If
you are not familiar with the issue of Net Neutrality – and even if you are – read
these three short articles on the matter.

1.”>Supporting net neutrality

2.”>Against net neutrality

3.”>Internet as a public utility
(CNN on Chattanooga, TN)

Write a short essay (2-4 paragraphs) answering
two questions. First, given what we
learned from Sandel’s introduction and especially first chapter, explain the
principles supporting these different positions on net neutrality and the relation
to jumping the queue. Second, write your
own argument about net neutrality with reference to one or more of the

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