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3 -4 pages selected group Al-QaedaPart 1

Create an Operational Time Line to provide information on your selected group’s operational philosophy. Complete the following:

  • Provide summaries of significant violent acts executed by the group, along with how the acts were carried out.
  • What has the group accomplished as a result of its operations?
    • Describe key successes of the organization, if any.
  • Include the strategy, tactics used, modes of attack, weapons utilized, and victim and target selection.
  • Highlight the use of propaganda, media, and the Internet, if applicable.

Part 2

You are tasked with securing funding for terrorist prevention activities, and you must create a presentation on the impact of your selected terrorist group to the target society. In the presentation, focus on an act or acts carried out by the organization against this society, and provide the following:

  • List human and economic costs to the target society that are caused by the terrorist group.
  • Discuss tangible and intangible costs (e.g., human casualties are tangible, but fear is intangible).
  • How did the target population react?
  • What were the consequences of human and economic costs to the political systems (e.g., the Madrid bombing impacted elections in Spain)?
  • 3-4 pages Al-Qaeada is the groupPart 1

    There has been significant controversy about use of torture to fight terrorism. Furthermore, fighting a nebulous and hard-to-define enemy presents many difficulties for liberal democracies. For example, the government of Sri Lanka was severely criticized for the indiscriminate killing of civilians while mounting an attack on the Tamil Tigers in 2009. Discuss the following:

    • Lay out the difficulties that were faced by the responding agencies and governments as they battled against the terrorist group in your case study analysis.
    • What were the controversial actions that were taken by the government during counterterrorism measures?
    • What were the key policy issues that were exposed (lack of intelligence, lack of information sharing, deficient security, vulnerable infrastructure, etc.)?Part 2 Tasks (Objectives from Week 5)

      Add the following sections to complete your Key Assignment final draft:

      • Identify government agencies that are involved in response to the terrorist group. What actions did the government take to combat the group (besides counterterrorism measures, behind-the-scenes negotiations are also part of the governmental response)? Provide an analysis of the mistakes or successes of the governmental response.
      • What were the key policy issues that were exposed (lack of intelligence, lack of information sharing, deficient security, vulnerable infrastructure, etc.)? Did the nation state change its policies or employ new strategies to counter the terrorist threat? What were these new initiatives, and what was their effectiveness? (Were new terrorist attacks foiled? Was there more information sharing, enhanced security, or cooperation between governments and agencies?)
      • Were there any controversies related to government response and actions (e.g., a debate about civil liberties vs. security)?
      • Was the terrorist group defeated, or has it lost its momentum? If so, what were the reasons?
      • Based on the current situation, what are the prospects for the terrorist group and its target(s)?

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Title: al-qaeda-part-i-and-part-ii

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