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Interview paper and wrapping up

Share with the class at least two interesting findings from
your interview paper.

Also, since this is the last week, I would like
you to reflect on what you have learned over the semester and talk about what
you feel were the most important things you learned. How do you think the
information you learned in the class could be applied to your personal,
academic, and professional lives?

Base on the
above task my peers wrote the following, you remember that you did this task
(part II) for me already in order ID # TTs060515_269468_9.Now I just want you to make some good comments on each of
them base in what they wrote.Where
you have to: make a minimum of one short paragraph. Whether you agree or
disagree, explain why with supporting evidence and concepts from the readings
or a related experience. Include a reference, link, or citation when
Be aware of grammar and
stay on topic.

Peer # 1

Student Name: Melissa

One of the things I noticed with my interviewees was
their hesitation in discussing certain issues. Topics pertaining to their
preparation in case of an increasing illness was a little difficult to discuss.
Honestly it pained me to ask some of these questions but I think it was an eye
opening experience for both my interviewees and myself. Not only did it give me
a chance to see the thought of older individuals as well as plans that they
have in place but I believe it showed them what changes they could possibly
make to prepare for end of life situations.

I really enjoyed this
course and I feel that it has helped me tremendously at a time where I really
needed it. I have a family member who Im very close to, and they are suffering
from dementia. I feel that with the knowledge Ive gained from this course I am
more prepared and equipped to help her deal with disease as well as measure to
take to ensure that she is getting good care. Academically, ithas helped as
well as I am going to pursue my masters in the fall and I know that the info i
learned in this course will help me to be successful at similiar courses.I
think now from the experience it will help me to be more relatable to the
elderly and gain an understanding of some of the things they go through good
and bad.

I wish the entire class
lots of success in the future and thank you Professor Felsenthal!

Peer # 2

Student Name: Eliza

I am currently still working on my paper. I did however find
interesting things through out my interview. I found that while interviewing
the female for my paper she was more aggressive and direct, unlike the male who
was more passive and calm. I thought a lot had to do with who had family and
support while aging. I was surprised to see that the younger person in my
interviews had more health issues than the older one.

Interacting with older people is not always easy. The class has
helped me see that there are many transitions that the older population
experiences. I felt like a lot of the concepts were helpful, especially
learning about health, memory, technology, friendships, multicultural
differences etc. I especially liked learning about adult cognition.

I think all the information is important because it helps use
build our own self-awareness about older people and how we treat them. It helps
to eliminate stereotypes and bias that has been formed against the aging
population. The purpose of obtaining my degree in Human Relations is to develop
interpersonal communication skills, and by building awareness about the older
people and the aging process, I can do that. I think this course is very
helpful in teaching about adulthood.

Peer # 3

Student name:

interesting finding from my interview was that the positive outlook on life
really makes a difference for a life in general. One of my interviewee was
really obsessed with being positive and seemed much happier and more full of
life than the second individual. Another interesting finding I observed is that
both of them avoided the talk that even had a slight hint at eventual end. I
feel that younger people are much more open to death discussions but my
interviewees were not.

I think the most important thing that I learned is that older people are not
any less human than the rest of us. I guess I am affected by ageism as most of
us in today’s society and therefore perceived older adults as some sort of
foreigners. Now I feel more connected to them and feel much more respect. The
psychological relationship I have now with older adults will be useful in my
future career as well as personal life experience. I can imagine I will
perceive older adults with much less ageism and that would create better
professional relationships or better mental health assistance if I will work in
social work industry. I feel much more friendly with my aging neighbors, which
makes me feel better and most likely is pleasant to them.

was an amazing semester with all of you! Goodluck and farewell!

I want 1 page
long for the 3 peers comments

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Title: also-since-this-is-the-last-week-i-would-like-you-to-reflect-on-what-you-have-learned

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