Analyze two case-studies

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For this assignment, you will analyze the situations presented in two case articles in this week’s resources section. Use the following prompts as your guide:  

  • Describe how the chancellor could involve and engage appropriate stakeholders in dealing with the confederate statue on campus.
  • Propose at least one alternative solution for removing the statue from campus.
  • Evaluate the risks associated with the decisions made by the cash strapped university and how university leaders mitigated these risks.
  • Reflect on the strengths and challenges of the stakeholder engagement process for the cash strapped university.
  • Determine the differences or commonalities that exist within the context of leadership, in particular managing change and conflict at these two institutions.

Additional Assignment Parameters:

  • The articles for the two case studies in Week 6 include sufficient information to guide you in researching the problems and situations described beyond those two articles presented to gain more understanding of the problem or situation. You are encouraged to do so!

Length: 5 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.

The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course. The writing should integrate scholarly resources, reflect academic expectations and current APA standards (as required), and adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

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Title: Analyze two case-studies

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