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Assignment 2 – Product Modifications – 15 points

Due Date: As per Syllabus

In light of the importance of topics for the week, I have uploaded a spreadsheet on to Google Drive and the link is provided below. Each one of you will provide THREE examples of product modifications in foreign markets by completing all the columns of the spreadsheet. You will have to follow the following RULES while completing the spreadsheet.

Link to the Spreadsheet on Google Drive (please copy and paste this link to your browser if the link doesn’t work):”>

(I believe you need to be signed into MyArcadia and/or Blackboard) to gain access to it. In case you find it difficult to access/edit it let me know immediately so that I can modify the sharing properties for the document)

Rules to follow for completing the spreadsheet:

● Each of your examples should represent a different reason/component (E.g. You cannot have all your examples for culture and/or for core component).

● You cannot have all of your examples from the same country.

● Multiple students can use the same country but cannot use the same combination of reason/component for that country (E.g. If student X has provided an example of a core component change necessitated by Legal requirements in Italy, NO ONE ELSE can use a core component/legal reason for Italy but can use for other combination – Core, Political in Italy; Packaging, Legal, Italy etc.)

● Not more than 10 examples can be for the same reason (Cultural, Technological etc.)

● Not more than 20 examples can be for each product component (E.g. There cannot be more than 20 examples dealing with packaging adaptations)

● You cannot provide examples that were provided in the powerpoint slides and/or the text book and/or the audio lectures.

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Title: arcadia-ba344-assignment-2-product-modifications

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