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Details, Marking Guidance and Criteria

Individually written original essay. 1000 words (excluding
titles and references).

In the book “Sustainable Energy – without
the hot air”, David McKay describes the energy problem and outlines a proposed
solution to a zero carbon energy system in the UK. His proposals are sweeping
and call for a significant change, but are they feasible? Will these be
accepted by the UK population? In a time of global financial problems, is it
economically feasible? This book was written before the global financial crisis
really hit home and before the Japanese Tsunami. Do these two major events
change our perspective on the right solution?

Guidance and Criteria

A good essay that scores high marks will
contain: (10 marks per criteria)

An answer to the question!

Well written prose with a good style,
grammar and spelling.

A good summary of the main points of the

A balanced summary without too much detail
on one particular carbon issue.

Evidence of wider reading.

At least one paragraph to answer each of
the parts of the question.

Economics section to have some mention of
relative costs.

Accurate references in a consistent Harvard

Nothing from unsubstantiated sources
(Wikipedia, Yahoo answers, discussion groups, etc.)

An opinion and a choice of one of the

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Title: assignment-details-marking-guidance-and-criteria

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