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Assignment: Expanding Your Knowledge of the Developing Child

After you have read NAEYC’s summary of From Neurons to Neighborhoods, and listened to the podcast, please respond to the following questions:

•In what ways did this report increase your knowledge and insights regarding developing children?

•What questions and/or concerns did this report engender?
Submit a summary of your thinking by:

•Using examples to explain the ways your understanding has expanded and/or deepened

•Articulating at least three questions and/or concerns about developing children that you hope to learn the answers to during your course of study in the Bachelor’s of Science in Child Development program
Assignment length: 2 pages

Be sure to complete this module’s Discussion before reviewing the Learning Resources

Note: Before you read the NAEYC summary and listen to the podcast, take this short “Brain Quiz” to gain an interesting and essential view on your own knowledge and current knowledge in the field.

•Web Site: Brain Quiz

•Report: National Association for the Education of Young Children. (2008). Summary of From neurons to neighborhoods: The science of early childhood development. Retrieved from

•Podcast: The National Academies. (2007). From neurons to neighborhoods: Applying the science of early childhood development. Podcast retrieved from
Note: You may need to download QuickTime® in order to hear this podcast. You can download QuickTime® at

Optional Resources

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Title: assignment-expanding-your-knowledge-of-the-developing-child

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