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Assignment (Written Report)

Information Resources Management


The Aim:

This assignment aims to
familiarize and expose students to the world of
management of information technology as it is being practiced in IS organizations
today as well as improving students’ effective communication and team working

My Topic:

How can organizations develop confidence in the
security of their networked systems when they have the capability to open their
systems to almost any network?


Final Written Reportshould include:

( 14 Marks )

a. Tables of content. ( 1 Mark )

b. Execitive summary. ( 1 Mark )

c. Introduction. ( 1 Mark)

d. Report’s body should include at
least 4 parts. ( 4 Marks )

e. Conclusions ans Assumptions.( 1 Mark )

f. List of referiences at least 4
refernces. ( 1 Mark)


The report should include 10 to 14
pages (around 1300-1700 words). (1 Mark)

Using MSW 12 point Time New Romans
font, MSW 14 points for heading. (1 Mark)

1.5 Line spacing for each paragraph. (1

Cover page as attached on the yahoo
group. (1 Mark)

the original copies of references
. ( 1 Mark )

Mark will be deducted for eachPlagiarized paragraph.

Submit a Hardcopy of your report .

Submit a softcopy of your report on the
yahoo groups.

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Title: assignment-written-report-information-resources-management

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