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ASSIGNMENT20 %, Deadline Oct 18

Below please find
numerous topics in regard to Occupational Safety and Health. Select one of the topics that best fits your
interest or you may modify to one topic that best fits your workplace in terms
of safety and health:

Dangers of Machinery


Emergency Exits and Fire Protection Systems

Hazardous Substances

Protective Equipment and Clothing

Smoking in the Workplace:
No Smoking, Limited Smoking, or Other Policies

Too much Overtime/Fatigue

Toxic Fumes

Noise Levels

Accidents in the workplace

Other in your workplace or school

Health and Wellness efforts

Research (7 reference
minimum) and write a 1000-1200 (check word count) word 1 1/2 spaced paper. There are usually 300 words or so to a page. Use APA format. Be prepared to give a 10 minute presentation
in the virtual class. Have two
discussion questions for the class.

Times New Roman font,
12 font, 1” inch margins, top, bottom, right, left

Headings to use:


Have 3 to 5 headings
on your key points. (Makes it easier to


Reference PageThe
rubric guidelines for the LLB will be used to evaluate the writing.

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Title: assignment20-deadline-oct-18

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