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Task B – 80% of your final mark(LO1, LO2
& LO3)

Select a (domestic).docx#_ftn1″ title=””>[1]
public limited company of your choice which has some degree of market power. In
an essay of 2400 words or fewer, evaluate the pricing strategies it employs for
its core product/business in order to increase its market share and
profitability within its industry (at the national level).

Task B must be written as
an essay. You will need to build up a case study based on a company of your
choice. You must first demonstrate that the company has some power to set its
own price (that is, it has some degree of market power) – e.g. what is the
structure of the industry it operates in? What is its market share for the
product? How concentrated is the industry?

You must then use economic
analysis to evaluate the pricing strategies your firm has adopted for its main
product(s). Make clear comparisons between the predictions of the economic
theories covered in the module and the empirical evidence for your firm. Are
the strategies adopted by the firm optimal? If so, why? If not, why not? How
might they be improved?

Further guidance on the
assignment will be made available on the VLE.

The Company of choice for study is
AkzoNoble. Each student is required to do a separate topic so I’m stock with a
leading paint company, from my research AkzoNoble seems to be the lead in the
market, this was based on a 2012 report. The following is a layout of which the
assignment is supposed to be. Kindly
ensure assignment answer meets the below requirements. The areas in the yellow
highlight are to be noted carefully. Also this is an Econ assignment diagrams
where necessary are required and are to be drawn from scratch/the start.

Introduction –

The background of the Company AkzoNoble.
Must be concise, structure of the organisation, the size of the organisation,
you may talk about the CEO, managers etc.

Note – Introduction should be about 2-3
paragraphs long and the last 3 lines will introduce what the essay will

of the Body –

part of body structure –

This will talk about the Market Structure,
describing the industry, talk about the market which the organisation operates,
size of the industry itself and how many players in the industry and its market
share, where does the
organisation falls in this market share structure. This must be illustrated in
a diagram example a pie chart representing the top 5/6 competitors within the

Concentration of the market

Base on the market share and market
concentration the market structure will be determined.

part of the Body Structure

Theories/Pricing Strategy

Briefly mention the different
pricing strategy/ies

Determine what are the pricing
strategy determined by your firm

Explain how/why you think this
is the pricing strategy

Answer the question – Are the
strategy/ies optimal? Is it the best choice? If Yes why, if not why?

Conclusion –

Recommendation of how they can improve,
remind examiners of what you did and briefly summaries your findings.

Be sure to use the words prediction of the economics theories and
the words “empiral evidence”, “firm optimal” etc (Essay question from
the top of the page) end with a good flow one into the next.

Any questions/clarifications please contact
me within the deadline date at .com”>
or the through the transtutors team. Also note that a bit of market may apply to the question, please use
and apply accordingly.

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Title: business-economics-task-b-80-of-your-final-marklo1-lo2-lo3

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