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Week 8 Assignment

               Organizational Change  

his week concludes with organizational change. As you continue to move forward, both personally and professionally, you will be faced with change. This week you will have the opportunity to analyze what others are doing to embrace change.

The word change often tends to send chills down the spine of some individuals, however, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, as a leader, your goal is to help your employees to embrace change.

As you know, change is inevitable. In today’s business world it almost appears as if it’s constant. Technology has created a rapid pace and it can be a challenge to keep up from time to time. But, understanding why change occurs and how to eliminate fear from individuals can be a valuable tool in your personal success as well as helping your organization to continue to thrive.

This week you have an important week ahead with your final project. Change is a vital step in this project as you are tasked with the project of developing a strategic plan for improving an organization of your choice. This will likely involve change for the organization as the plan is implemented.

You want to be proactive this week as this is your final week of class. 

Please review your materials for this week below. 


This week you learned about organizational change while wrapping up the final reading of this course. This term is an important one as it concludes your learning in the HRM program. Taking what you have learned this term, you will develop a Business strategy plan” for a local organization of your choice. This should be an established organization in your area and may be one you are familiar with or one you want to learn about.

Your work should include the following:

·       Conduct an interview with the business owner or manager of the organization. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about the business.

·         Evaluate the organization’s motivation, innovation strategy and people strategy.

·         Explain how the organization monitors ethics.

·         Discuss the organization’s corporate social responsibility plan.

·         Discuss the culture of the organization.

·         Analyze an organization’s environment.

·         Evaluate the organization’s competitive position and possibilities, potential generic strategies for an organization, potential value disciplines for an organization, and potential grand strategies for an organization.

·         Discuss the organizational change management strategies the company has in place.

·         Create a recommendation for improvement in the area’s in which you feel the company could improve.

·         Your proposal should be a minimum of 12 written pages following APA format.

·         Create a recorded presentation that is a minimum of 10 minutes in length that includes an analysis of the organization as well as your recommendations to be given to the business owner or manager.

  • No plagiarism
  • APA citing

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Title: Business & Finance homework help>Management homework help

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