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Business Law
Individual Assignment September 2012

Weightage: 25%

Mr Lim enters
AlwaysCheap Supermarket and selects some groceries. He then proceeds to select
a toaster oven. There’s a sign beside the toaster that says, “Items are for
display purposes only”. Mr Lim ignores the sign and places the toaster oven in
his trolley and walks to the cashier counter to pay. Upon reaching the counter,
the cashier refuses to accept Mr Lim’s money and refuses to sell him the
toaster oven. Mr Lim gets annoyed and in
a huff, asks the cashier to accept the money. She refused to answer him and
turned away. Mr Lim then says that he is going to take the toaster oven anyway
and then throws down the money at the counter and walks off with the toaster

Has a contract
been made between Mr Lim and AlwaysCheap Supermarket at this point?

1) Your answer and
findings must be supported adequately with relevant case law and examples.

2) You are also required to write a 10 page report, Font 12
Arial with 1.5 spacing which will be due on the day of your presentation.

3) Referencing must be in APA Format.

25 marks)

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