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LinkedIn”>Report 1 Company Analysis

Company background

What are the company’s objectives and strategies, strengths and weaknesses, and market share size and market share trend? What is the company’s history (describe briefly

What is the product or service that is the focus of your campaign plan? Emphasis should be on the product’s sales history, market share, strengths, weaknesses, key benefits, brand image, and other factors important for an understanding of the product or service’s performance and place among its category competitors.

Evaluation of the current marketing strategyMarketing objectives and strategy

Objectives. What are the company’s key marketing objectives

Strategy. What is the current core marketing strategy of your company for achieving objectives (i.e., market development, product development, or market penetration)? Is it a sound strategy

Profitability. How profitable is the company (describe in any terms that the company owners are comfortable with sharing)?

Evaluation of current Branding Strategy: The most important part of evaluation is not to simply report the facts but to weigh the pros and cons of the aspects of the facts

Brand. How is the brand communicated to customers (i.e., a name, an image, a sign or symbol or combination of these)? Are there mascots or persons associated with the brand, and if so, it he/she/it effective? What is the product’s brand personality? Does the brand command a price premium? How do current customers perceive the brand image? Is there any evidence of customers feeling a strong brand loyalty to the brand? Has the brand engaged in any legal, ethical, or moral transgressions or does it imply negative connotations? What problems do you see concerning the bran

Marketingcommunications. What are the specific elements in the marketing communications mix that are being used to promote the company? Is each of these elements doing a good job communicating value to the target audiences (note: evaluate each element separately)? In answering the previous question, discuss (a) whether the promotions themes and copy successfully effective in achieving promotion objective, (b) do customers think about the promotion campaign, and (c) whether there any ethical “red flags” about media, message, and content that should be addressed.

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New Union Conceptualization

Module 7 Discussion  New Union Conceptualization After all that we have read and explored, a new conception of unions may be needed.

Statistical Process Control

For the process you chose in 1-3, identify the type (variable or attribute) of data you have collected for the outputs of

Statement Of Purpose

Statement of Purpose – A document of no more than two pages outlining your objectives for pursuing a Masters of Science in Information


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