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11. According
to the textbook, third-party logistics providers (3LPs) do not offer assistance
with helping products clear customs.

12. According
to the textbook, environmental and social impacts are considered outside of
supply chain management.

13. According
to the textbook, ‘integration’ is one of the four supply chain elements.

14. ISO9000
is a standardized program for certifying suppliers.

15. The
universally accepted definition of supply chain management is “the
management and integration of the parties involved in producing the end items
coveted by consumers.”

16. The
assembly or production of finished products, producing the right amount of
product, and ensuring that finished products meet specific quality, cost, and
customer service requirements can all be considered elements of operations.

17. Improved
quality is one benefit of using a lean production system.

18. Successful
supply chain integration occurs when supply chain participants realize that the
needs and desires of the end item manufacturer dictate the objectives and
policies of all the other supply chain participants.

19. Trends
in supply chain management include increasing inventory levels and considering
the elimination of logistics intensive online retailing.

20. Trends
in supply chain management include increasing supply chain responsiveness and
considering the negative environmental impacts of supply chains.

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