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9. List three of the six moral rights that
should be considered during decision making.

10. The approach holds that moral decisions must be
based on standards of equity, fairness, and impartiality.

11. ________ justice requires that different
treatment of people not be based on arbitrary characteristics.

12. _______ justice requires that rules should
be clearly stated and consistently and impartially enforced.

justice argues that individuals should be compensated for the cost of their
injuries by the party responsible.

14. At
the _______ level of personal moral development, individuals are most concerned
with external rewards and punishments.

15. People
learn to conform to the expectations of good behavior that are set by peers and
society at the _______ level.

16. Individuals
at the _______ level are guided by an internal set of values and standards and
will even disobey rules or laws that violate these principles.

17. Most
managers operate at the ________ level.

18. ________
is not the only aspect of an organization that influences ethics, but it is a
major force because it defines company values.

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