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Could somebody help me with he following four questions. Each one is 400 words each and APA format. Questions 1 and 2are due by Monday and 3 and 4 by Wednesday.


Why is differentiation necessary to build a formal organizational structure? Is differentiation limited to large organizations? How is the concept of span of control related to both integration and differentiation?


Several factors and behaviors can shape an organization hierarchy. How do centralization, standardization, and horizontal differentiation affect the shape of the organization? In what ways can the informal organization and the norms and values of its culture affect the shape of an organization?3.As organizations grow and differentiate, problems can arise with a functional structure. Describe and explain the problems that may arise and how organizations may respond.4.
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Could somebody help me with he following four”>Consider you own experience with workplace culture. Describe past and current experiences with organizational culture. Be as specific as possible and support your comments with examples

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