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people lose their lives in a year in accidental cases where the driver was
drunk and was not able to handle the vehicle properly. “People who drive intoxicated most
likely have done it before and will do it again.
Out of the 900,000 people arrested each year that are convicted of a DUI ,one
third of them were repeated offenders (Fell, 2004).An average of people who drink
and drive have done it eighty times before their first arrest, and some even more
(Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. October 4, 2011). Why even take the
risk of endangering people’s lives? Since one arrest occurs in every 772 drunk driving
incidents, many think they are just lucky because they haven’t gotten caught
yet (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2002).” (Gee, 2014)
In fact, the debate has taken place over the issue whether or not the drunk
drivers should be imprisoned at first offense. People argue in favor or in
disfavor of this issue, however, when the question of the life of some
individual comes, it becomes necessary to take steps, legal or social, to
prevent the wrong happenings in the society. It is important to look into this
matter seriously and to take a stand against the drunk drivers because they are
responsible to take away the life of someone who is not least guilty in the
case of accident. Drunk drivers should be punished at their first offense in
order to make them understand the seriousness of their crime, to make other
people think gravely who are in the habit of drink and drive as well as social
agencies must work on this issue properly and make sure that people who are
found badly drunk must not drive until the effect of alcohol has gone away from
their bodies.

first, the drunk drivers must be punished at their first offense because it is
due to their negligence that several lives go at stake on road. For instance,
alcohol has the quality to dominate the personality of human beings. If someone
is hypothetically imagined sitting in a bar and taking one or two drinks, it
becomes three to four or even more because the as much as it goes inside the
body of that man or woman, it encourages him or her to take more and more
intakes so that the pleasure of wine increases. But, in the process of growing
intoxication, the person completely forgets that he has to go back home and for
doing so, he will have to drive his vehicle. Now, driving a vehicle is an easy
task if someone is a expert of it but, it becomes complicated when the hands of
the individuals are not coordinating with the mind because that has completely
gone under the influence of alcohol. If a person like this goes out and drives,
he will certainly put his life and the life of the people on road at risk so,
it is not a matter to count the number of crime like if it is done first time
or repeated twice; a crime is simply a crime and to give a good lesson to the
person who has offended the premises of law must be penalized. It will give him
an impression every time whenever in future he would be sitting in a bar and
having the drinks. The fear of getting imprisoned would strictly restrict him
from fastening the seat belts until he comes out of the effect of alcohol.

the impact of imprisonment of the first time offense for a drunken driver is
not limited to him only; it has a larger impact on all the people who are in
habit of drink and drive. The data about drink and drive accidental cases is
horrifying enough to impose some severe law against this tendency, “Drunk
Drivers accounted for 32% of all traffic fatalities last year, which amounts to
someone being killed every 45 minutes by a drunk driver. The penalties for most
states is just temporary suspension of driver’s licenses for up to 1 year, and
to only pay associated fines accessed by the court. Usually, drunken driving offenders
are back on the road driving within a year, and with the assistance of a good
attorney with weeks.” (Crysmontogue, 20011) The data clearly mentions the rapid
growth in the road killing cases where the driver was drunk and the irony
related to this topic is that people easily get free from all charges just
because the states do not have strict law provisions against this activity. If
a serious and strict law formation is done, the tendency of drinking and
driving would reduce because then people will fear the law of getting
imprisoned for a long time and thus, law will be strong enough to penalize such

to reduce the cases related to drink and drive, social agencies should also
become active along with the law because law alone cannot achieve the purpose.
It is the duty of the society to maintain the superiority of the law with some
modifications in the social values and norms. For instance, if someone is found
drinking and driving, people should abandon such a man, preventing him from all
his fundamental rights of living in the society for a short period of time
because that will give him a warning and he will get afraid of repeating the
crime. It will be a grater punishment than the imprisonment because a drunken
driver will be assumed a neglected unit of the society and he will have to
reconsider all his bad actions. The social debar along with the imprisonment
will render a broad message to the people that it is not acceptable to put
several lives in danger for the sake of amusement. Pleasure is good for health;
however, people must comprehend the notion that it is not good to enter the
liberty premises of the lives of other people while the personal sense of the
body is out of control. Therefore, imprisonment, along with a social awareness
through various social agencies is required in this context.

In the same context of analysis,
people might argue that first time offenders should not be severely charged and
a mere warning would be enough to awake their consciousness about repeating the
crime. “There are a great number of people – people I know personally – who
have first offenses,” Van Hollen said. “I don’t consider them
criminals, and I wouldn’t want them to be tagged that way for the rest of their
lives for having made what can legitimately be called a mistake.”
Wisconsin used to treat first-offense drunken driving as a crime, but it was
smart to make it a civil violation, Van Hollen said.” (Walters, 2014) The views
of legal expert seem to be accurate; however, there is a thin line that
discriminates the crime and mistake. A mistake is limited to the least harm to
the lives of the individuals but law recognizes a mistake as fatal when the
lives of people get associated with it. Drunken drivers fail to understand the
seriousness of their crime and when they return to their senses, they realize
their mistake and plead for mercy. The most significant part of this event is
to realize the state of harm that a drunken driver caused because before
getting drunk, he was fully aware of his senses therefore; his action cannot be
judged on moral grounds by keeping the law aside. Even if it is done, the law
will fail to impose a broad message and the moral acceptance to the pleadings
will encourage others to initiate the crime at least for the first time in
life. Thus, it is important to take legal action against the crime at first
place instead of awarding the moral pleadings.

To sum up the above, drunken drivers
should be imprisoned at their first offense in order to make them understand
the seriousness of the crime, to give a broad message to the whole society as
well as social agencies should work hand in hand with law with regard to giving
a complete effect. The moral pleading would simply promote the drink and drive
cases therefore, it is important to nip the habit in the bud so that innocent
lives on the road may be saved.


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