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Department of
English Literature and Linguistics

ENGL 151:
Advanced Reading Comprehension

Fall 2014

Reading Project (20%): Compare and Contrast the Giver
book and film Due on December 21st and for MW class on December 22nd
(hard copy to be submitted in class and soft copy via safeassign on BB)

the Giver by Lois Lowry and
the movie directed by”>Phillip

the giver’s world isa utopian one where there is no pain and peace prevails.
However, as the protagonist, Jonas, gains knowledge about his inner workings of
his community, he discovers his world is really a dystopian one.

The film, The
contains similarities as well as many differences. Having read the
book and watched the film, please answer the following questions:

1. compare and
contrast the similar ideas behind the book and the film(5 points)

2. compare and
contrast the plot in the book and the film (5 points)

  1. discuss
    the issues of class structure, conformity, governmental control in both
    the book and the film (5 points)
  2. describe
    what makes a perfect and imperfect society in both the book and the film (5
  3. make
    text-to-film, text-to-self, and text-to-world connections(5 points)
  4. use texts
    in cross-curricular activities with history, especially in studying class
    structures and types of government(5 points)
  5. discuss
    how the following is portrayed in both the book and the film:(10



Feelings, emotions




The Importance of memory

The Importance
of the Individual

Relationship Between Pain and Pleasure


8. compare and
contrast the ending of both the book and the film (5 points)

9. if you were the
director of the film, what would you have done differently?(5 points)

Format of the reading project:

  1. Word count of 1000 words
  2. Academic Honesty (please
    read section on pilgrims on syllabus)
  3. Each typed project should
    include these elements:

Cover page with full name, ID #, course info
(Section number), instructor’s name and etc.

the date you are turning in the report

an intriguing title for each report, centered
above the text of your paper

word count

double spaced with 1 inch margins, 12 point
standard serif fosuch as Times; please do not use a sans serif font like Arial
or Helvetica)

  1. your paper should be
    proofread and revised before final submittal.

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