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COLL148 Week 1 Discussion DQ 1 Latest 2015 November

Staying Motivated and Confident in College (graded)

Motivation and confidence are key factors to success
professionally, academically, and personally. Motivation and confidence can
change your life! To post to this discussion, first complete the Week 1:
Discovering Your Power checklist. Then post any insights about your
self-beliefs. What positive attitudes do you think are needed to be successful?

Please keep the results of this checklist—you will need them
again later in the course.

Remember: This
is a discussion! So please respond to others with feedback, encouragement, or


The Career Planning Process (graded)

Keeping the end in mind—graduating and finding a job in your
chosen career.

Next week, we will be exploring DeVry University’s Career
Services. Career Services offers a step-by-step process to help you prepare for
your future—a job in your field of study. Working on these career-related
activities will help you develop the skills, credentials, and experience you
need to meet your career goals upon graduation. It’s the Career Ready

For this discussion, first click here and study the four
stages of career planning:



Develop; and


In each of those stages, there are many actions listed to
move you towards your career. To get full credit for this discussion below,
review the Career Ready Plan and for your first post, you must list

two to three actions in each of these stages that you will
complete; and

comments on why you want to take those actions or any
questions you have about those actions.

This discussion is not about what people should do. It’s
about what you will do or what you want to learn more about. So please use the
words “I” and “me”! For your second and third posts,
comment on others’ ideas. If you find any links for these activities, please
post them.

DEvry COLL148 Week 2 Discussion DQ 1
Latest 2015 November

Career Services and Time

The two resources that I plan to use are
HireDeVry and My Network. I plan on using HireDeVry so that I can better market
myself toward the job that I am trying to get. This means improving my resume,
doing mock interviews, attending seminars and job fairs. I think that this
would be very important to me because once I know how to correctly write a
resume or speak properly at an interview I would be more likely to get the
position than someone with less experience. My Network would be a great help by
letting me know what jobs are available based on my profile. With the many
options provided to me I have choices to see what position would be the best
fit for me and my future

Career Services Dorian Herrod Email this Author 10/30/2015 4:09:17 PM

After reviewing the
My Compass services I see that I will be making great friends with the Jobs
that interest me section because I’m very eager to start working in my field as
soon as I possibly can. I already see positions I would like to apply for. Even
tho I’m ready to start applying for better jobs I know I have to take care of
the school process first which will take me to my career planning section
of my career services knowing that the
first thing I need to take care of is setting up my short term goals to
eventually preparing me for a career in the electronic tech field.

DQ 2

Discussion Question #2 – Time Management Professor Menck Email this Author 10/30/2015 4:53:39 PM

Managing your time is based on identifying what you need to
do, estimating the time it takes to do it, and then scheduling that task in a

However, things do go wrong! Here are two common issues:

not sticking to your plan and then procrastinating; and

friends, family, employers, and coworkers asking you to do
things that you had not planned.

Please address one or both of these things: How do you
minimize procrastination? How do you say no to others’ requests?

Coll148 Week 3 Discussion Latest 2015 November”>

What Employers Are Looking For

Values are what you consider to be most important in life.
The textbook says, “Individuals often discover that the reason they are
dissatisfied with their current job is that it incorporates few of their values
and interests.” (p. 37)

Read the case study in the textbook at the top of page 41 titled,
“Real Stories: Meet Maria.” In your first post, discuss one or more
of the following questions:

  1. Do
    you think Maria was unhappy with her job because it didn’t satisfy her
    values, her interests, or both? Why?
  2. Why
    do you think Maria had problems with decision making?

Coll148 Week 4 Discussion Latest 2015 November”>


To help you with your financial
success, DeVry University offers a variety of self-service resources. These
self-service resources are put in place to support you throughout your
educational career as well as to help you make responsible financial
decisions that will help you complete your program.

For this discussion and for the
quiz this week, please review the following videos on the “My
Financial Future Videos” page:

  • Financial Resources
  • Student Portal
  • My Financial Future

Also, please become familiar
with the My Financial Future website, which provides tools and resources to
help you plan with such things as paying for college, using credit cards,
understanding credit scores, and buying homes. It’s a great site for you to
learn what is needed to be financially literate. Specifically, please go
first to the home page and then review
the pages in the All About Money and Real World Money tabs.

Based on your review of the
presentation and the My Financial Future website, how can your financial
decisions impact your ability to complete your program of study?

Coll148 Week 5 Discussion Latest 2015 November”>

DQ 1

APA Formatting

Whenever you write a paper or a presentation, or post to a
discussion online, you will often refer to content that is not common knowledge
nor your own experience. It is essential that you give credit to the source by
using proper citations. At DeVry University, we use the APA format. In this
discussion, you will learn why and how we use APA.

First listen to the 10-minute presentation on APA located”>SuccessUin the Hub.

For this discussion, let’s first focus on the advantages of using
APA in your document. Why should we do this?

DQ 2

Creative Confidence

Watch the video in the above link. It’s about 12 minutes.

What is creative confidence?

What are some ways that people lose confidence in their creative thinking
How can you gain that confidence back?

Can you think of a time when you had to solve a problem and be creative in the
process? Did you succeed? If you could go back, would you solve the problem

Coll148 Week 6 Discussion Latest 2015 November”>


and Work Ethics (graded)

Consider these quotes:

“To know what is right and not do it is the worst
cowardice.” –Confucius

“My grandfather once told me that there are two kinds of
people: those who work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be
in the first group; there was less competition there.” –Indira

“What is right is often forgotten by what is
convenient.” –Bodie Thoene

Which quotes most resonate with you and why? What would you do if you
observed someone doing the wrong thing? (e.g., instead of submitting his or her
own work, a student submits a paper purchased on the Internet)

DQ 2

Image—Online and In Person (graded)

As part of the hiring process, many employers will search online
to see what they can learn about you. What can you do to make sure you have the
best reputation online? (Hint: Search for “online presence” or
“personal branding online.”).

Coll148 Week 7 Discussion Latest 2015 November”>

Money and Career

Throughout your academic and professional life, you will need to
make decisions. Some decisions are easy; some are not. It’s important to
understand your style of decision making and if you need to consider other

For this discussion, first read about the eight types of styles listed
on page 144 in our textbook. Then answer the following questions.

  1. Which
    of these approaches to decision making do I use the most? The least?
  2. Which
    would I like to use more often?
  3. Which
    would I like to avoid? Why?

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