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LAS432 Peer Evaluation of Presentations

Your Name______________________________________ Date ___________________

Title of Presentation Being Reviewed________________________________

Points You Would Award This Group ________/30

Directions: This course asked you to think critically about the broader implications of technology. As such, you are now given the task of thinking and responding critically to the projects and presentations by your peers in this class. For each team, use the following items to note your observations and to offer an analysis and evaluation of how well the team succeeded in its study of the technology and its impact upon society. Please respond using full sentences unless otherwise indicated. (Each numbered item is worth 6 points for a total of 30 points.)


1) Areas discussed in relationship to the technology (5 points)

a) Place a check mark in each box that shows the areas that were discussed in the presentation.

(a) Technology description/science

(b) History/Context

(c) Economics

(d) Political/Legal issues

(e) Psychology

(f) Sociology

(g) Moral issues/Ethics

(h) Literature/Cinema/Art

(i) Environmental science

(j) Religion

(k) Anthropology

(l) Mathematical concepts and statistics

(m) Other ____________________________________________________

2) Balance and integration (5 points)

Did the team achieve a good balance in their presentation of material? Were all sections well integrated as part of a cohesive presentation? Explain.

3) Effective research and exploration of the issues identified (5 points)

a) Summarize briefly in one or two sentences the thesis of the presentation.

b) How much of the information was new to you? How much did you learn about the technology and its societal impact? Did you gain a clear idea of how this specific technology relates to a larger context? Explain fully.

c) How do you rate the quality of the research and the persuasiveness of the team’s argument(s)?

d) Are you convinced the technology poses significant issues? Explain briefly.

e) What do you predict about this technology in its future use(s) and application(s)?

4) Effectiveness of the team presentation (Add an explanation when warranted, 5 points)

· ___Yes ___No Did the presenters clearly identify their goals?

· ___Yes ___No Were the presenters well organized?

· ___Yes ___No Was the question-and-answer portion logical?

· ___Yes ___No Were you able to understand each speaker?

· ___Yes ___No Was the pace appropriate (not too fast, not too slow)?

5) If you were in a position to make decisions with respect to this technology, how would you act upon this team’s message/apply their recommendations? Please explain. (5 points)

6) What did you like and dislike about the paper and presentation? Please be specific.(5 points)

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