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1.typed with 12point Arial font, 1.5 spaced with
default margins.

Discuss the criticisms of the IMF and its
policies. Make explicit mention of at least one crisis that it is accused of

this question have to be writen for 2 pages

2. For each of the following organisations, make a:

– Sub-heading of the organisation’s name;

– One-sentence summary of the organisation’s role;

– Discuss in one paragraph if and how the organisation
helps achieve financial

stability internationally or in Australia, as

– Discuss in another paragraph how the organisation is
related to the IMF, if at


World Bank


This part have to writen 1 page for those two

Expert have to identify above two organizations
and follow FIRB example form to identify World bank and BIS

example for Australian Foreign
Investment Review Board

The FIRB’s main purpose is to advise the Australian
Federal Treasurer on

foreign investment policy, as well as to aid foreigners
wishing to invest in


The FIRB indirectly helps encourage financial stability
by communicating the

Australian Government’s policy to existing and potential
foreign investors and

providing long-term policy direction to the federal
government independent of

bi-partisan politics which gives more certainty and
lowers risk for foreign


The Australian FIRB is indirectly encouraged by the IMF
to promote foreign

investment. The IMF encourages its member countries to
promote Foreign

Direct Investment (FDI) because it believes that this
leads to higher economic growth. For example, the IMF recommended to the
Philippines government

that it should “improve the investment climate by
allowing more foreign

ownership” (IMF 2013, p. 2).

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Title: discuss-the-criticisms-of-the-imf-and-its-policies

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