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Repost 5 week 10 DB 2weeks 75 words end

1 response Db. /Legal Business

Each post should be one paragraph in length (175 words) and
must be substantive in nature Do not simply state that it is a good or bad
idea, specify why and be detailed in your explanation. Aside from assisting a
classmate, the goal is to demonstrate your mastery of the concepts.

And Assignment for the international intellectual property. Week5

1 response 75 words

2 response 50 words

3 Reponses 50 words


You provided a solid discussion but needed more detail about
the economic, political, social, and legal implications of the situation. You
did well to present a detailed discussion. I appreciate the development of your
presentation and the organization of your ideas.


#1 post

Re:Unit5 – Discussion Board

Should intellectual
property be governed by one international standard?

Note post 1

2 weeks 12/9/13 date

#1 post

Re:Unit5 – Discussion Board – Original Post

Angela Stover

Unit 5 DB

In analyzing this case,
Dr. Bumpkin did discover the nitrogen-phosphate and it had been included in
journals and libraries. But it was not legally patent but the discovery became
a property of the world (p. 489) because the compound information was published
in several agricultural and scientific journals around the world. The compound
information also appeared in several of the United Nations Food and Agriculture
Organization (FAO) publications and was in one national library and two
university libraries in State Y. This is significant because Omni Chemical Co.
filed for the patent in State Y and even though there was not opposition, the
compound was still public knowledge for anyone to research. In conclusion,
since the nitrogen-phosphate was not a new discovery, there was not a patent
infringement and the revocation would be granted because the chemical was
already known worldwide. The court case denoted is Monsanto Co. v.
CoramandalIndag Products for patent infringement and revocation (p. 487-489).

Social media is an
infringement issue with serious social implications. This area has really
become a huge issue since the inception of the internet. People have the
ability to share, create and exchange information through virtual communities
quicker. Many companies and people have to deal with trademark infringement
through social media. For example, Rosetta Stone recently settled a trademark
infringement suit against Google for marketing their trademark to third party
vendors who was selling bogus software (Ho, 2013).

In regards to legal
implications, piracy is one form of copyright infringement because it deals
with reproducing or distributing another person’s work without their
permission. For example, a student was found liable for illegally downloading
music and was ordered to pay $54,000 in damages to six record labels (Vijayan,
2010). There is also security issues associated with legal implications because
people can hack into computer systems and hijack your personal information.

The economic impact that infringement issues are related to
innovation because this is key to economic growth. This also ties into
intellectual property because they both generate and create a large percentage
of jobs in the United States (Espinel, 2013).

implications related to infringement issues can be an enormous problem for
political figures and how they utilize social media. For example, a well-known
political figure Political Action Committee (PAC) is being sued for using a
9/11 photograph on a face book and webpage without permission (CBSNews, 2013).
This can be damaging in all aspects of political implications.

These effects are
vital to the community and employees because of the revenue spent from these
companies throughout the community. Furthermore, the employees should become
more involved in establishing a global footprint within these communities as to
not become a burden. These companies should also try to ensure the safety of
the products they sell to the community because of the chemicals used to
manufacture these products.


Espinel, V. (2013).The White House.Office of Management and
Budget.Intellectual Property and the U.S. Economy. Retrieved from

Ho, C. (2012). The Washington Post. Capital Business.
Rosetta Stone settles trademark infringement lawsuit against Google. Retrieved

Mayer, D. & Bixby, M. (2013). International Business
Law: Text, Cases, and Readings, Sixth Edition. Upper Saddle River: Prentice
Hall. Pg. 487-489

Vijayan, J. (2010). Computerworld.Security. Student facing
$675k music piracy fine hopeful award will be lowered. Retrieved from

CBSNews.(2013). Politics. Sarah Palin’s PAC sued over iconic
9/11 photo. Retrieved from .cbsnews.com/news/sarah-palins-pac-sued-over-iconic-9-11-photo/”>http://www.cbsnews.com/news/sarah-palins-pac-sued-over-iconic-9-11-photo/

#2 post

Re:Unit5 – Discussion Board

In your opinion
should the penalties for pirating of intellectual property be increased?

Post 3

Re:Unit5 – Discussion Board

How should penalties of international intellectual property
be enforced?

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Title: each-post-should-be-one-paragraph-in-length-175-words-and-must

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