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ENGL 111
FALL, 2015

Writing Paper #2 (Guided + Research) INSTRUCTIONS

Write an 850 – 1000 word Problem – Solution(s) paper clearly
explaining technology-related supporting ideas from outside sources address one
of the following issues:

1) Electricity +
Water issues in developing countries

2) E-waste

3) Space debris

Traditional (teacher-fronted) education

Manned mission to Mars

* Starter sources provided in Moodle [Paper #2 Starter Texts] (Optional)


focus of Paper #2 is to show that you can properly research and synthesize
related information of one of the selected topics provided and properly integrate
the various researched source information as supporting ideas (body
) into one paper, including the use of source information as

1) The paper must integrate supporting information
from at least 3 separate sources
to support your thesis.
The supporting sources must come from credible online sources, books or
periodicals available in the library (or other local libraries).

-No more than 6 sources can be included.

– A minimum of 3 of the sources must be
text-based (non-video/infographic)

NO Wikipedia or Forum-based Blog
entries (Yahoo Answers, About.com, etc.) can be used as supporting sources

* In order to be eligible for a
‘B’ paper or higher, a minimum of 4 sources must be used.

** In
order to be eligible for an ‘A’ paper or higher, at least one of the sources
must be

from a company, organization or university laboratory website.

2) Include two (2)
short pieces of information [within 40 words] from the sources as quotes

* The information CANNOT be
quoted in the original source.

– No more than 2 quotes allowed –
Paraphrase all other.

3) Have adequate
paraphrasing of source information
(Checked through ‘Turnitin’).

– The overall Similarity Report result must
clearly not have any large chunks of similarity from any individual source.


Times New Roman font, 12-point font, 1.5 line spacing, left side aligned only.
Your name and student number must appear on the upper right hand corner of the
first page of your paper. No cover page until Final Draft please. Do not forget
to give your paper an appropriate title.


Draft: 16 November (Monday)

Final Draft: 10
December (Thursday – last day of class)

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Title: electricity-water-issues-in-developing-countries-4

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