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Emergency Response Planning for AirportsYou are to now apply the knowledge you have learned on the course Emergency Response Planning for Airports. You are to analyse the Emergency Response Planning situation in your work- environment and propose solutions and innovations to improve the Emergency Response capabilities in your workplace.The assignment to produce a Research Essay in two parts:Part 1. The first part of the assignment is for you to now research your workplace and carry out a critical analysis of the Emergency Response equipment and procedures in place at airport or you should consider the Emergency Response organisation at your nearest major Airport. The critical analysis should look at:? The Equipment and Procedures of the Departments responsible for Emergency Response. ? The Training and Practices of the Departments responsible for Emergency Response.Your should look for policies and procedures that are in place and are working, and also look at gaps where there are obvious Emergency Response issues that are not being addressed, ie tell me what is good and what is bad. You should finish your analysis of your workplace by making a decision as to whether your workplace is good at Emergency Response Planning and WHY you have come to that conclusion.Part 2. The second part of the assignment is for you to make at least two recommendations for improvements to the Airport Emergency Response Planning. These could be improvements in : Equipment; Policies and Procedures; Training & Exercises; Orders and many others.The assignment should be presented as an Essay Paper of at least 2500 words (approximately 6 pages). Remember to add an introduction and conclusion or summary, which should be approximately 250 words each.Marks will be awarded as follows:10% – Introduction 10% – Summary 30% – Part 1 Research (evidence of research, observations and conclusions) 10% – Part 1 Conclusion Decision and Argument 40& – Part 2 Recommendations for Improvement

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Title: emergency-response-planning-for-airports

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