English, Literature & Philology

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One of the central concerns with regard to the structuring of this class has been to demonstrate the ways in which histories of queer cinema and scholarship are histories of collaborative world building. I have asked you to think about films across weeks, connecting readings and films even when we might not directly or explicitly think of them as “queer.” Films and works of scholarship build upon their predecessors, “making things queer” in that Doty-like sense. Sometimes, films and works of scholarship do this in ways that are trans-historical even when deeply rooted in their moment of production.

Given your growing body of knowledge with regard to queer theory, criticism, and film, I would like you to choose one film that we have covered for this class to revisit. In your paper, you must make an argument regarding your chosen film by pulling from multiple readings assigned over the course of this class. While you certainly may use the readings that I originally assigned to accompany the film you have chosen, I expect you to pull from across the readings for this class in substantial and meaningful ways.

Below are guidelines to help you write your paper:
You must properly cite at least three sources in MLA format with a works cited page. Citations should be from across at least two weeks of material for this class. For example, you might choose to write about Brokeback Mountain by using the readings from week one and week seven (or any other two weeks in which you see connections that could help you make your argument about the film you have chosen).

Michael Warner’s book The Trouble With Normal: Sex, Politics, and the Ethics of Queer Life (1999).

“Reviewing Queer Viewing” by Caroline Evans and Lorraine Gamman


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Title: English, Literature & Philology

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