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Reflective Paper (10%)

Even deeper learning occurs when you have a
chance to reflect on what you have learned and tie it to things you already
know. The Reflective Paper will require that you comment on specific HR practices
in an organization that you are working for/have worked for in the past OR on
the applicability of specific Canadian HR practices in a country with
which you are very familiar. You do not need to have worked extensively
in that country as long as you have a solid understanding of the culture of
that country. This is not a research
paper but we should be able to easily confirm that what you are saying is
true. All papers are due in the Avenue to Learn online DropBox by
10:00 a.m. (EST) on Monday, March 25, 2012. Do not email your paper to the
instructor or a TA or hand it in manually to an Administrative Assistant.

In terms of content, your paper must
comment on a specific issue in each of the following four areas, with
each area being worth 2% of the grade. The final 2% will be used to assess the
communication quality of your paper.

Recruitment & Selection

Training & Development

Performance Management & Discipline

Pay & Benefits

For example you may choose to discuss
whether pay for performance would ever work in your organization, or if it has
been implemented if it is producing desired results. If you are doing a
country-based reflection you may choose to discuss selection criteria that
carry much more importance e.g. school attended.

The smart approach would be to work on this
paper steadily throughout the semester, ideally completing a draft of each
section during/just after we cover the related course content. Leaving the
paper until a week or few days before the due date is highly risky, as you will
be much less likely to demonstrate the critical thinking we are looking for or
to communicate your ideas clearly, persuasively and with due care to writing
conventions (spelling, grammar). Papers
that are just a “stream of consciousness” will not fare as well as papers where
you have obviously thought about what you want to say and revised the content
to improve its clarity. You can use the e-portfolio in Avenue to Learn to
record preliminary reflections as you go along. Once you start writing the
actual paper, saving regularly to your own computer and to external backups is
highly recommended. You can also save and upload your draft paper to the Avenue
DropBox as you go along. This way, if
something should happen to you we can see how the work was progressing.

Last, but not least, please be advised that
the Avenue to Learn DropBox harnesses the power of turnitin.com to detect
plagiarism, both from external sources and with other papers uploaded to the
course (all sections). Please see the policies on Academic Dishonesty found
later in this outline. Note that both parties can/will be charged with academic
dishonesty where there is unusually high overlap in wording (even if specifics
are different). Do not ask someone to share their work in progress or final
paper and do not share if asked. If you feel you are being pressured in this
regard please contact the instructor or a TA for immediate assistance.

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Title: even-deeper-learning-occurs-when-you-have-a-chance-to-reflect

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