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Exemplar from OB week

Organisational trustworthiness and
workplace labour productivity
.docx#_msocom_1″>[BR1]– (word count 148)

OB uses a multidisciplinary
approach (psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics,
management) to understand the thoughts, emotions and behaviour of individuals
and groups within organisations, and to try to predict and influence people’s
behaviour within organisations. For example, a key HRM issue is labour
productivity, and organisational trust is a psychological concept that mediates
employees work efforts..docx#_msocom_2″>[BR2].docx#_msocom_3″>[BR3]Frenkel&Orlitzki (2005) found a positive relationship, in the
service industry, between Supportive Employment Practices.docx#_msocom_4″>[BR4](training, job security; decentralized management; employee
participation; fair pay and benefits; fair procedures e.g Equal Employment
Opportunity; good benefits), Managerial Operational Competence (workplace
planning; key performance indicators; benchmarking), Organisational Trust
(trust in management) and workers’ productivity..docx#_msocom_5″>[BR5]This helped me understand why the childcare centre that I use has a
high rate of staff turnover. The management is top down and punitive around
workers needs to care for their own children (parental leave), so staffleave.docx#_msocom_6″>[BR6]..docx#_msocom_7″>[BR7]

Grade: Distinction

.docx#_msoanchor_1″>[BR1]Title gives focus to the entry.


.docx#_msoanchor_3″>[BR3]Learning objective 1 and 2 illustrating definition with example

.docx#_msoanchor_4″>[BR4]Key constructs defined.

.docx#_msoanchor_5″>[BR5]Objective 3 and 4. Critical
reflection in that it uses an exemplar to demonstrate what OB is.

.docx#_msoanchor_6″>[BR6]Well written, focussed, coherent and within word count.

.docx#_msoanchor_7″>[BR7]Critical reflection that uses the knowledge gained to understand an
organisation problem confronting the student’s own life.

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