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Final exam
case analysis – Online education in emerging markets

You have been
hired as COO at a major US university. Prior to that position, you were VP of
Sales and marketing for one of the world largest retailers. In that position,
you were responsible for growing business across the world with strong focus on
emerging markets. You achieved 10-20% growth rates year over year. Given your
past performance, the Board of directors and CEO of the university have asked
you to design a strategy to launch online education in emerging markets
starting in Africa.

Based on your
understand of Online education, the following aspects have been identified as
critical success factors: Business strategy, business model, IT, service
delivery and support. You have been on the job for 6 months and have your first
board meeting in a week. For that meeting, you would like to give an executive
presentation and hence have asked your Project Management Office to make the
case for the necessary IT and service investments to launch Online Education in
Africa. The presentation should be in PowerPoint (10-15 pages) and include the

Executive summary clearly presenting the business opportunity at hand, the
operational challenges and how the use of IT and a well-defined service model
could enable success

2 Alternatives to achieve your goal

A comparison of both options based on anticipated ROI and NPV over 3 years

Justification of the selected option based on overall business value and risk

A list of KPIs to measure the overall success of the solution and how that info
will be collected

A high-level project plan for the selected option and

Recommended next steps.

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Title: final-exam-case-analysis-online-education-in-emerging-markets

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