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For this question assume that you are back in 2008 and you have been asked to look at the proposed outsourcing of Dell’s manufacturing. Please draw on the case method you used in the Operations Management course to answer all of the following questions.
Part 1 (25%)
Identify three major issues and suggest five objectives (key results areas) against which you would be able to evaluate any recommendations you made.
Part 2 (50%)
Select two analytical techniques that can be used to explore one or more of the issues you have identified. Use the material supplied in the case to carry out analysis using each of those two techniques. State any assumptions you have made in carrying out your analysis.
Part 3 (25%)
Explain what you have learned about the issues based on the analyses and give a brief indication of the next piece of analysis you would undertake in order to build on the work you carried out in Part 2.

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Title: for-this-question-assume-that-you-are-back-in-2008-and

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