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1. Granite and basalt are exposed at Earth’s surface in a hot, wet region. Will mechanical weathering or chemical weathering predominate? Which rock will weather more rapidly? Why?

2. During a trip to the grocery store, your friend wants to buy some bottled water. Some brands promote the fact that their product is artesian. Other brands boast that their water comes from a spring. Your friend asks, “Is artesian water or spring water necessarily better than water from other sources?” How would you answer?

3. Compare the sediment deposited by a stream, the wind, and a glacier. Which deposit should have the most uniform grain size? Which one would exhibit the poorest sorting? Explain your choices.

4. Volcanic island arcs develop on what type of crust?

5. Why are volcanoes largely absent where two continental blocks collide?

6. Describe two ways that oceanic-oceanic convergent boundaries are different from oceanic-continental convergent boundaries? How are they similar?

7. Some predict that California will eventually sink into the ocean. Is this idea consistent with the theory of plate tectonics? Explain.

8. Referring to the accompanying hypothetical plate map complete the following:

a. Portions of how many plates are shown?

b. Is continent C moving toward or away from continents A and B? How did you determine your answer?

c. Explain why active volcanoes are found on continent A and continent B.

d. Why does continent C lack active volcanoes? Provide at least one scenario in which volcanic activity might be triggered on this continent.

9. List the cities (in pairs) that are moving father apart as a result of plate motion.

10. List the cities (in pairs) that are moving closer together as a result of plate motion.

11. List the cities (in pairs) that are presently not moving relative to each other.

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Title: granite-and-basalt-are-exposed-at-earths-surface-in-a-hot-wet-region

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