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LinkedIn″>Healthy lifestyles

There is a
lot of information out there that talks about healthy lifestyles for aging
adults. This week I would like you to find an interesting article or video on a
topic related to healthy lifestyles that has NOT been already covered by either
the book or the additional resources I provided. Think outside the box for this
one 🙂

Share the link, a very brief summary of the
article, information you found interesting or that you learned, and any
questions you may have about it.

based on the above question My 3 peers found the
following, now I want you to make some comments based in what they found saying
if you agree with them please make every comments under each peers what each
peers wrote.

Peer #1

Student name: Ellen

The Benefit of Technology for

Top of Form

First I wanted to say that this
last chapter was a great ending to our textbook. Being satisfied with life is
such an interesting and uplifting topic aside from the previous week on death
and bereavement.

The article I choose for this week is”>Healthy Lifestyle Choices – Another
Benefit of Technology for Seniors. I found this article
interesting because it explains the benefits of modern technology and aging seniors.
This article states that the more online activity a senior has, the more it
benefits their health and happiness. Seniors that use the internet on a
frequent basis in this study were more physically active, ate a healthier diet
and received more medical screening than those who did not use the internet
regularly. The Article states that seniors can do things online such as:

Social networking- which keeps them connected

Sharing photos of family and grandchildren

Checking health information- to gain knowledge about proper diet
and medical screening

Playing games- to help their cognitive health.

Reading articles from newspapers and magazines

Learning new skills

And paying bills/ doing other financial activities which helps
them keep their independence.

I thought that this article was
interesting because I was under the misconception that seniors, much like
younger individuals could become addicted to the internet and not be as active
because of it. I also thought that surfing the internet may be difficult for
some seniors to do and they may feel intimidated by it. I will however state
that I bought my grandmother a kindle, she is 86 years old, and she has
acclimated to it quite well. She loves to read and gets excited to show me when
she downloaded a new book because “it makes her feel young” to use newer

Bottom of Form

Peer # 2

Student name: Sheva

Health of Seniors in the U.S.

Top of Form″>This HealthDay articlefrom November, 2014 discusses a
survey of seniors in 11 industrialized countries (United States, France,
Germany, Australia, Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom,
New Zealand and Switzerland), which found that the United States was last when it
came to health – seniors in the U.S. suffered from chronic illnesses the most
and took the most medications. A lot of this has to do with the
inadequate health care system in this country, which leads to people not
getting proper care when they’re younger, which leads to more health
problems when they’re older. Proof of our failing health care system is
that the United States came in last when it came to having seniors who could
afford health care at all.

I know that the
health care system in this country is an ongoing problem, but I didn’t realize
how much it affected the health of our seniors. I was surprised that we
came in last on the survey, and very surprised at some of the numbers in the
survey results – 68% of those 65 and older in the U.S. had at least two chronic
illnesses, and 19% said they skipped necessary health care because they
couldn’t afford it. Most surprising, I think, was that the U.S. was
second when it came to being the most sick in general (after Germany), despite
the fact that the seniors in the U.S. formed the youngest group out of all the
countries. When I think about that, it does make sense, because if our
seniors are the sickest then they would not be as likely to live as long as
those in other industrialized countries, which would explain why their seniors
were older, on average.

When I was
reading this article I thought about the fact that when a person makes
healthier lifestyle choices (good diet, exercise, sleep, etc.) they are less
likely to need medications and healthcare. So besides for obvious
necessary changes in health care, lifestyle choices in the U.S. are also in
need of an overhaul, and perhaps we should look to other countries for examples
on both health care policy and healthy living.


Reinberg, S.
(2014, November 19). U.S. Seniors’ Health Poorest, Global Survey Shows.HealthDay. Retrieved

# 3

name: Jennifer

Optimal Aging- Huffington Post″>COLLAPSE

Top of Form

The article I chose was from the Huffington Post. In this
article, the author interviewed Peggy Buchanan- the leader of a exercise
program for seniors and asked her to give her ten tips on how to age well. Most
of them, as one would expect from someone in the world of physical fitness,
focused on different exercises such as pole walking, dancing and Tai Chi.
However, some of the points ventured away from the realm of physical fitness.
For example, she recommended that adults continue to keep their minds active,
dine in groups and break their everyday routine once in awhile to mix things up
(”>”Healthy aging,” 2013).

A lot of the advice that she shared from her article reflects
what we’ve already read about. We know, for instance, that physical and mental
exercises are important in promoting healthy aging. As well, her advice about
making sure to dine with other people also reflects what we know about the
benefits of seniors seeking social support. However, some of the more specific
advice about fighting symptoms of fatigue (with fruits like prunes), and using
supports for one’s shoes was new, very specific pieces of advice that I hadn’t
heard of, or thought of before as answers to the specific challenges that
seniors may face. Overall, I really enjoyed the tone of the article. It was
obvious from the voice of the interviewee, that she also is someone with a lot
of experience in the day-to-day challenges that a person may face- both
physical and mental as they continue to age (”>”Healthy aging,” 2013).

Healthy aging: 10 tips for growing old gracefully. (2013, August
17th).The Huffington Post. Retrieved

I want 1 page in total for the 3 comments.

Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form

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