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need the same expert who did assignment aid #

Hello expert based on the assignment that you
did for me on order id #
TTs300515_295234_12, now I want you to please
make some comments in my peer.

Besides posting
your original reading responses, you are required to write at least one well thought out comment to your classmates’
responses. Participation response should be at least 5 sentences long. You
should clearly argue why exactly you agree or disagree with another student,
what is your point, and how can you support your argument.

I want Half Page about
what they wrote, well thought out comment (participation response), saying if
you agree or not and why? Try to write a concise and meaningful response of
about this size. The substantial amount of text, that I request, should be
dense and thorough. When you are going to write a comment to someone’s
response, explain why you agree or disagree and how you came to those

is what my peer Radhames wrote about

“The Egg and the Sperm”

This article explains how the
male and female reproductive organs just seeing as baby-making utensils by
many. The article states that in the case of women “menstruation most
necessarily be viewed as a failure” (Martin, 1996:12). In other words, because
women’s reproductive organs “job” is to produce eggs in order to make babies
and menstruation is evidence of pregnancy not happening, menstruation should be perceived as a woman’s unsuccessful use of
her reproductive organs. On the other hand, the article states that as opposed
to the female reproductive organ’s inability to mature a high number of eggs — in addition to only being able to do it once a month — the male
reproductive organs can produce a great number of sperms daily (Martin,
1996:12). Perhaps, implying that the male reproductive organs are better at
doing their job than the female ones.

In addition to that, the
article also presents the idea of discrimination towards women because of their
reproductive system and how it works. For example, When the author states this
“note the marked contrast that this description sets up between male and
female: the male who continuously produces fresh germ cells, and the female,
who has stockpiled germ cells by birth and is face with their degeneration”
(Martin, 1996:13). We can perceive this discrimination. Women are seeing as
inferior than men because they are born with all the germ cells —without being
able to create new ones — they can make use off throughout their lifetime and
most of them will die. On the other hand, men are consider to be superior
because in addition to creating a high number of germ cells, they can do it on
a daily basis. Furthermore, the article articulates that “once released from the
supportive environment of the ovary,an egg will die within hours unless rescued by a sperm” (Martin,
1996:14). That is to say, when a woman leaves her protective and helping family
— her parents — she “needs” a men in order to be successful in live, otherwise
she wont be able to survive.

In conclusion, This article
shows us that discrimination is an aspect of society that can emerge from even
small things such as eggs and sperms.

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Title: hello-expert-based-on-the-assignment-that-you-did-for-me-on-order-4

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