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Hello expert I want you to make some
comments in the following peers, the comments should be a minimum of one short
paragraph. Whether you agree or disagree, explain why with supporting
and concepts from the readings or a related experience. Include a reference, link, or citation when

This is also based in the assignment
that you have done for me assignment #

(Plus the chapter 10 that you read)CHAPTER 10, TYPICAL PHYSICAL AGING

This is the question

.cuny.edu/webapps/discussionboard/do/forum?action=list_threads&nav=discussion_board_entry&course_id=_1059667_1&conf_id=_1090817_1&forum_id=_1158310_1″>Physical changes

You read about the
various changes that happen to the body as one grows older. How do you think
these changes affect the person psychologically? What about how they affect
him/her socially? Which changes do you feel would be the most challenging to
deal with? What would you recommend to someone who is experiencing these

Bellow is what my
peers wrote based on the above question

Peer #1

we have learned from this week’s material all of the human body functions
experience decline during aging. Even the healthiest people begin aging and
loss of different physical functions at one point or another. From physical
appearance to eyesight and hearing the elderly begin the end of their journey.
All these changes can evoke fear, regret, despair or other negative emotions or
states. Older people are not able to participate in the activities they once
loved and even walking down the street slowly is becoming a difficult task.
They become less active socially for the simple reason of difficulty of getting
places or even having a conversation. Younger relatives are always in a rush
and have little time for them due to busy modern life schedules. It is hard to
pin point one particular change that would be more challenging than the other.
It would be highly individual preference. For those who have many close family
members that they stay connected to, the decrease in eyesight would be more
challenging. In contrary, to those who feel lonely and the only option to
socialize is to walk to a certain place but they can’t do it, presents the
biggest challenge of all. Therefore, my recommendation to older people would be

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Title: hello-expert-i-want-you-to-make-some-comments-in-the-following-peers-2

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