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What do you think you have in common with other Americans
your age? (24)
– How do you feel like a citizen of America?
• What do you think you have in common with other
people your age around the world?
– How do you feel like a citizen of the world?
– What impact does technology have on feeling like
an American citizen? How about on feeling like a global citizen?
• In your opinion, what are some things that
America does better than any other country? What are some things America could
improve on?
• What would be your American anthem? If you could
replace the Star-Spangled Banner with any other song as our new national anthem
that best represents your feelings about America, what song would you choose
and why?
• How do you feel when America is competing in a national
event like the Olympics or the World Cup?
• What comes to mind when you think of American
traditions? What are your personal favorites and how come? Are there any you
wouldn’t mind getting rid of? Which ones and why?
– Have you ever created your own tradition tied to
being American and/or put a twist on an American tradition that already exists
– either on your own or with your friends and/or family? If so, please tell us
about it

DAY TWO ACTIVITY: A Stroll Through the Neighborhood

For this activity, I’d like you to pretend that
you’re walking down a street next to a row of houses. But in this town, instead
of each house being owned by a family, each house is owned by a particular
country. Please take us on a tour of two houses:
• America
• Another country where some of your ancestors are

As you’re giving your tours, please tell us:
• What each house looks like – both on the outside
and on the inside
• The types of people who live there – what they’re
like, what they do for fun, and what they care about
• What one thing most makes this house different
from all of the others?

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