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How far has the Meiji seamount moved from the hot spot?

6000 km

4600 km

5500 km

1500 km

What direction did the Pacific Plate move originally (i.e. prior to its current northwest movement)?

Almost due west

Almost due south

Almost due north

To the northeast

How many years ago, approximately, did the Pacific Plate change direction?

Less than 1 million years ago

A little more than 40 million years ago.

71.4 million years ago

28.3 million years ago

Assuming that the current direction of plate movement continues, what will be the eventual fate of the Meiji seamount?

It will be subducted beneath the Eurasian plate

Once it hits the Eurasian plate it will provide enough resistance to cause the plate to change direction again.

It will remain in the same area it is today.

The volcano that originally formed the seamount will re-activate and a new island will be formed.

Exercise 2.13a

Which of the following statements accurately describes whether all continental coastlines plate boundaries?

Yes. All continental coastlines are created by active, subduction zones.

No. Some passive continental boundaries occur in subduction zones.

No. Some continental boundaries are passive margins, such as those that had been created by divergent (rifting) forces to create spreading centers.

Yes. All continental coastlines form when continents rift apart.

Which of the following accurately describes the west coast of Africa?

It has a broad continental shelf and is close to an ocean trench.

It has a narrow continental shelf and is close to an ocean trench

It has a broad continental shelf and is far away from an ocean trench.

It has a narrow continental shelf and is far away from an ocean trench.

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