How food delivery services benefit society

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This essay needs to be rewritten. I will attach the instruction sheet and the current essay. It must be three full pages. No first-person or second-person pronouns. (That’s me, I, we, our, us, you and your.) So you want to go through and remove any uses of “your” or “we.” The introduction paragraph needs to present a clearer argument and use every paragraph to support it. So, you want to create a clear thesis (argument) and place it as the last sentence of the introduction. Then, every paragraph in the essay should focus on supporting that argument.

Essay 4: The Persuasive/Argumentative Essay Assignment

This paper should be persuasive or argumentative in nature, meaning that you want to work toward convincing a certain audience that the ideas and beliefs outlined in the paper (and backed up with a research source) is really the most logical point of view that they could have. The bulk of this persuasion/argument will come from how you present your information, as well as how effectively you articulate your examples, conclusions and explanations. It is important for you to consistently and accurately follow MLA citation format with precision. While we will certainly spend some time on this in class, it will be the responsibility of each student to ensure that they are appropriately comfortable with MLA citation format by the time this paper is due for a grade. The chapter on MLA format in Rules for Writers begins on page 392 and there is a sample research essay on page 468 and a sample Works Cited page on pages 475-476. To begin your essay, first pick a controversial issue. Choose ONE side of it. Illuminate that side, avoiding the temptation to add an “on the other hand” at any point in the paper. Just stick to one point of view. Still with me? You need an audience, an issue, a point of view or opinion, and finally, you need research to “back up” your claims about that issue. 1) You have to combine conclusions you’ve come up with on your own and the facts you’ve uncovered in your research. 2) You are responsible for making and maintaining the connection between your opinions and your research. You have to make it all clear for your audience. They shouldn’t have to do part of the work. Assignment Requirements 1. Your paper must be at least 3 full pages long, not including Works Cited. 2. Every paper should show at least 4 in-text citations, documenting where research is used. 3. The bulk of the paper will be comprised of your own opinions, theories, assertions and explanations. The research is only in there to back you up. 4. You will be responsible for using MLA citation format for this entire paper, from document setup to Works Cited. 5. No first-person or second-person pronouns. (That’s me, I, we, our, us, you and your.) For example, do not write, “I believe that if you are going to drive while intoxicated, you must accept the consequences.” 6. Your paper must include at least two researched, cited, and integrated sources.  You must show examples of paraphrasing and direct quotation from your source.  Do not use an abundance of block quotes in your paper—it’s YOUR paper to write.  Do not use encyclopedias and Wikipedia as sources.  Avoid “general knowledge” sites like WebMD,, and other “warehouses” for information that doesn’t really have an author or an authoritative home.  While you can use a dictionary as a source, it does NOT count as your “official” source. Topics Keep in mind that in college-level papers, it is not appropriate to argue topics that require audience members to share your ethical, religious, spiritual, moral or emotional sensibilities. You also should not be attempting to change the fundamental “belief systems” of your audience. Topics Not Appropriate for WR-115: Abortion The Death Penalty Prayer in Schools Creationism versus Evolution Gun Control/Regulation Thesis Statements REMEMBER: All argumentative papers start with an enthymeme (a thesis statement with a claim + a reason). For example: Red meat is unhealthy because of the negative impact it has on the human digestive system. The claim is: “Red meat is unhealthy” and this is followed by a reason. This paper will focus on PROVING that red meat is unhealthy. In terms of proof, the paper will stick to facts about how red meat hurts the human digestive system. This enthymeme will “drive” everything that becomes part of the paper’s body. Other examples: • Childhood obesity must be addressed in public schools because school lunch programs focus more on cost-effectiveness than on healthy food choices. • Public library funding should be increased, because as the public demand for computer use, ebooks, and online research options grow, the money required to make these services available is increasing. It doesn’t matter what “side” you choose—as long as you choose a side. For example: 1) The drinking age should be lowered to eighteen because if people are old enough to vote and join the military, they should be considered old enough to drink alcohol. 2) The drinking age should absolutely remain at twenty-one because even though eighteen-year-olds are allowed certain legal privileges, they are not yet mature enough to handle adult decisions while under the influence of alcohol. A thesis is not worded as a question: No: “Should the legal drinking age be lowered to eighteen?” It is not an announcement. Avoid this at all costs. Whatever you do, don’t do this: No: “In this essay, I will explore and explain why the drinking age should be lowered to eighteen.” Additional Notes Keep in mind that the librarians in the UCC library and the Tutoring Center are here on campus to help you. Additionally, you can always reach me via email and the message function in the classroom. I’m glad to help. Any paper that doesn’t meet the minimum page requirement by final grading will instantly sacrifice 10% of the grade.

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Title: How food delivery services benefit society

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