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LP3 Assignment: Health Information System Evaluation

Imagine that you are the Project Manager of a needs assessment committee that is put in charge of selecting a new healthcare information system for the hospital. Your boss needs you to make a list of the criteria that will be used to select the new information system .For this exercise use preview the Allscripts MyWay EMR and Waiting Room Solutions demos. Choose one to compare to Practice Fusion. Explore all of the product modules, including each one that is available, such as the Patient Search functionality, Release of Information, Abstracting and Coding, Record Tracking and Record Completion. Explain how product features would or would not meet each one of the listed items from the needs assessment committee. This overview should be about a page in length and it should include any references in APA format.

To access the Practice Fusion EHR, go .

Click on “Or, take a tour” (located on the left of the screen next to “Sign up for free”)

Complete the information on the “Take a Tour” screen.

Click “Create Your Account”

A Welcome screen will appear with your practice ID and user name. You will need to choose a password on this screen. (Record your user id and password; Your instructor will not have this information)

Once you have entered your password, click on “Get started”

amandaharris Practice ID

aharris username

2.Assignment: News Story

Search the Internet for news about security breaches in healthcare in the last three years. Based on this information, create a news story for the purpose of reporting this information to the public. This story is purely fictional but based on the real facts that are included in the textbook summary. You can include in your news story a date that the event occurred, names of involved parties and as many additional details as possible. This news story should be about a page in length and any references cited should be inAPA format.

3. Prior to completing this assignment preview the modules on the Waiting Room Solutions website and Allscripts Demo

This assignment has three parts. Complete all three and submit it to your instructor as a single document.
NOTE: The information submitted in this assignment will help you complete LP6.2 Assignment: Develop a Training Plan.

  1. How would you create a training program for users on the Waiting Room Solutions software? Select one module form the Waiting Room Solutions software (for Example, the patient look up function) and visualize how a user with no previous knowledge or experience using the module would adapt to using it without training. What differences would be apparent after a user completes a training program for this module functionality? How would this enhance their user experience?
  2. Research the advantages and disadvantages of various training strategies.
    What type of training strategies would you view as being important to include in a system implementation training program?
  3. Search the Web for an article about a health information system training program. Analyze any issues discussed in the article that affect training effectiveness (e.g., costs, staffing, computer requirements, confidentiality, system updates, etc.). Think of ways to provide reasonable solutions for overcoming these training challenges.

Include your answers/responses in a one page word document

LP6.2 Assignment: Develop a Training Plan


Develop a training plan for a hospital that is implementing a new health care information system. Use the information that you obtained in LP6.1 Assignment: Training to complete this assignment. The system that is being implemented is the system you chose in LP6.1 Assignment: Training (either Waiting Room Solutions or Allscripts). Include the type of training strategies that you would view as being important to include in a system implementation training program. Compare this training plan to the one that you researched in LP6.1 Assignment: Training. Discuss the issues that you would be certain to avoid and how they would be avoided. This training plan should be about a page in length and it should include any references that were used in 6th edition APA format

LP7.1 Assignment: Sample Deployment Plan

Create a sample system deployment plan that can be used for one of the Electronic Health Record applications. You can use either Allscripts or Waiting Room Solutions to complete this assignment or you can also use the same application that was chosen in the Learning Plan 6 assignment “Develop a training plan for successful system implementation”.

Not sure what a deployment plan is? You MUST search the web for examples. Here is the link to one example:

Remember these are the questions you need to answer:

1. Explain what resources are required to ensure the plan is successful

2. Make sure to include information about which application functions are going to be used

3. What type of healthcare setting the system is being implemented in.

4. State reasons why this particular application was chosen for this healthcare setting.

5. Determine the most appropriate approach for system deployment

6. Describe risks involved in the system deployment (for example, costs, time, system failure).

7. Explain how the risks would be managed.

8. Explain the challenges in regard to privacy, security, legal aspects, and data quality

LP8.1 Assignment: Creating an evaluation tool


Create an evaluation tool to measure user satisfaction with system output, interface, training, and information systems staff. It should begin with a brief explanation of the system that was implemented. You can use the same system that was chosen in the Learning Plan 7 assignment “Develop a sample deployment plan for a health care information system”. Create questions that will be asked and be sure to include a list of the people that will be interviewed and the role they played in the system implementation. This evaluation tool should be about a page in length and it should include any references that were used inAPA format

LP8.2 Assignment: Projects Directions

Think of a time when you were involved in the completion of a project involving a great deal of time and many resources. It could be a personal project or one that was completed for school or work, such as the completion of a garden at home, a research paper for school or the implementation of a new system at work. Can you summarize the challenges that were presented during the project? How were they overcome? Make a list of what they were and the resolution to each. Do you think things could have been done better (more efficiently or effectively) if the project were to be repeated? Reflect on your answers to these questions and then choose a project where you have been involved. In a one page paper, discuss the challenges and resolutions to the challenges of the project

LP9 Assignment: ARRA compliance


Search the AHIMA web site for articles that have been written in the past year on ARRA compliance. Retrieve four or five articles and summarize the important concepts. What information have you discovered from this search that is not addressed in this learning plan? This summary should be about a page in length and it should include any references that were used inAPA format.

LP10 Assignment: Project Management Directions
You have a team in place for the implementation project that is taking place in Learning Activity 3 of this LP. Summarize the Project Management process groups that will be utilized during the project. They should include all of the following:

  • initiation
  • planning or development
  • production or execution
  • monitoring and controlling
  • closing

Create a timeline for the project and include how long each individual activity will take.This summary should be about a page in length and it should include any references that were used inAPA format

Here is learning activity 3.

Learning Plan 3


1. Identify the major components of an information system.

This learning plan will address the following learning objectives to help you master the competency.

a. Describe the major types and principal activities of information systems.
b. Distinguish between the purposes and functions of MIS, DSS, ES, and KMS.
c. Explain the steps in the systems development life cycle
d. Explain the vendor selection process


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