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I need a
well-written, strong application letter/essay to participate in one of the
competitive program that is going to be held in my University shortly. This is for
some kind of international program.

The purpose
of this letter is particularly to emphasize on well-written statements of
career goals and purposes, especially
in the face of unusual life challenges. Very careful attention needs to be given to this aspect of the application; this
will be my opportunity to address my potential for creativity and achievement, as well as my professional and
personal goals.

Application will be judged according to the following criteria,

Listed here in order of importance: Financial need, Academic performance, Leadership, Clarity of career
goals, Community Service.

Some points that will help in and should be used by the
expert to write this letter.


I completed
my MCA(master in computer application)from India in 2002 and then worked for 2
yrs to earn money. I always wanted to do MBA from a reputed college, but could
not afford it until now.

In 2011 , after almost 9 years I have been able to live
my dream once again of doing MBA and I
am great full to my university, for
giving me the privilege of doing MBA.


I work with a IT company call XXXX as an IT services
Engineer, we offer a broad range of technical services to our customers. I have
hands on experience on handling technical issues such as root cause analysis of
theproduct errors by analyzing software traces and logs. Helping customer
onsiteand over the WebEx to setup our products on Windows and Unix based
servers. As we have close partnerships with EMC and Netapp, on several
instances, I have configured and resolved issues related to storage area
network. Also, corrected network communication errors by analyzing the syslogs
of Cisco LAN switches androuters. I’m very comfortable on all aspects of client
server architecture ofthe systems.(Please feel free to cut short or add what u
think is appropriate.)

My Career Aspiration:

My goal is
to start my own business ,create a product, raise capital, and take a company

I aim to
provide employment to as many deserving candidates as possible and contribute
to the countries growth.

Armed with an MBA, I
would like to take the next step in my corporate career in the role of product
management, taking on greater responsibility and developing greater facility at
taking major projects from inception to fulfillment. This will prepare me to
become a self-made entrepreneur.

These career aspirations will require a great amount of hard
work, dedication and determination on my part to achieve. Attending
the MBA program will smooth the path to these goals.


The cost of
MBA , including fees and other thing
like study material , books etc is very costly and expensive.I have saved some
money from my last 5 yrs of salary , and my current emploter also agreed to pay
the part of my tutuion fees which is a great help .Howerver I
still have to arrange a quite a bit of money in order to successely
graduate in the MBA program.

I am
selected for this program, It will be a
great help .

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Title: humanitics-the-purpose-of-this-letter-is-particularly-to-emphasize

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