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This is for a childcare course. I have to think about a time when I have interacted with a kindergarten- 3rd grade students or children, or including your own children who have encountered difficulty in the areas of any of the following: Holding Back Impulses, Planning (Strategizing)/Problem-Solving, Organizing, Taking Action, Sustaining Effort, Focusing, Holding Information in Memory, Shifting Thoughts and Being Flexible,Regulating Emotions, Managing Time.

I have to Select two children and create two vignettes/descriptions about the children. Call the first one ‘Vignette 1’ and the second ‘Vignette 2.’ In each vignette have 2-3 paragraphs.

In each vignettes/description, include the age of the child and then describe what happened either in school or at home that caused the child difficulty. Present the problem and then describe how it was resolved. Identify the area(s) of difficulty.

Below is a short example of 1 vignettes/description.. I CANNOT COPY THIS. THis is just one EXAMPLE. I have to come up with 2 of them and cannot use this same example.</pstyle=”margin-bottom:>
Jimmy, a six year old in kindergarten student, is known as the mayor of the classroom. He is very social and loves to be around people. When he arrives at school in the morning he has no problem talking to children his own age, older children, and adults. When Jimmy arrives in his classroom in the morning he would rather talk with other kids than put his belongings away. His teacher is constantly redirecting him to stop talking and to empty his backpack into his cubby. He starts putting his material away but quickly becomes distracted and wanders away from the cubby area and his teacher frequently takes him by the hand back to the cubby and waits with him until his backpack is empty. Furthermore, his homework never gets turned in less the teacher gets it out of the backpack herself or nags him to do it until he gets it done.

When it is time to start learning, Jimmy does not have his needed materials. When he does have his materials his pencil is usually not sharpened so he gets out of his seat to sharpen his pencil. While doing this he misses instruction. Jimmy’s teacher is frustrated with his lack of focus and has tried to assign him a student buddy and move his seat. While these helped some, Jimmy is still having difficulty in the classroom. At this point Jimmy’s learning has not suffered but his teacher is concerned about first grade. Jimmy has difficulty with organization and focusing.


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Title: i-have-to-think-about-a-time-when-i-have-interacted-with-a-kindergarten

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