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 I’m working on a presentation for my Health Policy class and I need some help with it.I have selected Stem Cell Modification as my Health Policy powerpoint presentation topic. I will discuss both the benefits and consequences of this research and its applications. And how it relates and effect current and future healthcare policies.

‘m working on a presentation for my Health Policy class and I need some help with it.I have selected Stem Cell Modification as my Health Policy

Policy Position Presentation Guidelines

1.Topic,narrow or specify your issue topic to something manageable, “do-able” in eight weeks’ time.

2.Identifya major stakeholder group on each side of this issue. There may be more than two, and you can mention them, but the main work should focus on the two most active, opposing stakeholders.

Stakeholders are organizations (and sometimes loosely organized groups or even, rarely, individuals) with an interest in the outcome of a policy issue. Any controversial issue always has at least two major stakeholders (otherwise there would be no public debate or controversy). Note that government entities mayoccasionallybe stakeholders, as in the President, or Governor and/or one of his/her executive agencies. For example, the Food & Drug Administration’s role in tobacco control, or Medicaid.

Answer these questions foreachstakeholder group:1. Preliminary definition of issue or problem.Based on your first review of the literature, what seems to be the issue? What do stakeholders say is the issue or problem? Based on these, define the issue in a preliminary way. Use the stakeholders’ own perspectives (and language) to narrow your topic. (Items 2, 3, & 4 are repeated for each stakeholder)

2. Stakeholders’ positions on the issue.What does each stakeholder organization say is its position? Why? What’s in it for them? Direct quotes from stakeholders are helpful here.

3. Stakeholder resources.Resources are assets needed for exercising influence. Membership size, budget, media exposure, coalitions with other stakeholder groups, etc. Try to estimate their political “clout.”

4. Stakeholder actions.What did stakeholders do to bring the issue to government’s attention, to make the issue more (or less) visible to the public, or closer to (or farther from) government action? (E.g., Testify at hearings? Consult w/ legislative staff? Provide data supporting their position or countering the opposition’s? Draft legislation? Campaign contributions?

3. Organizeyour answers in separate sections, one for each stakeholder.4. Citemajor Stakeholder information/sources, using standard citation rules.

Define the issue

This is the most important of the four parts of the issue brief. It is also the hardest! Your task is to decide what are the boundaries of your inquiry–what is “inside” your definition, which you will deal with, and what is “outside,”which you will not include.

A. Problem.Define this issue clearly for the reader, in one or two sentences only. How, why and to whom is this issueproblematic?One definition of “problem”: a problem is a gap between the ideal and the real, between what could be and what is. A variation of “problem” is: a difference of opinion; aconflictabout the definition of the real or the ideal, between or among major stakeholders. A problem statement should specify what the conflict is about. who speak out, either seeking to change the status quo, to achieve the ideal, or seeking to defend things as they are.

B. Extent.What is the extent of the problem? Provide quantitative estimates, if possible, of the problem’s magnitude, and intensity–for example, how many lives are affected, how many dollars are spent or lost, etc., now or are expected in the future.

C. Public policy.What makes this a public policy issue, i.e., one on which governmentaction(legislative, judicial, or executive) or governmentmoniesshould (or should not) be spent to help resolve the problem?

4. References: Minimal expectation:15-18 solid sources for the project; you may use newspapers or news magazines–e.g.

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Title: im-working-on-a-presentation-for-my-health-policy-class

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