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Import a Product or Good (6 Pages Minimum)

Scan the internet for a foreign candy-or something that you would like to import-that has great potential and explore this. Include all the aspects that you would need to consider to really make this a success and profitable-infrastructure, etc.

    1. What type of product or good would you import? Why did you choose this? Please include the market research which you have used (documentation) supporting your selection of this product or good.
    2. Create an initial feasibility plan as to how your business would be structured and operate.
    3. Who are the main competitors in your industry? How shall they likely respond to your entrance into the market? How shall you react to their response in order to create a unique market niche for yourself?

    The student-selected business (product or good) should be based on market research and should include the following: the business; why you selected that business; and issues involved in the selection. A description of how the business would operate should follow based on the elements found in a good feasibility analysis. A key element of this project is the identification of your key competitors and how they would likely respond to your entrance in the market. One third of the project consists of the identification of the product or good (with justification), 1/3 the feasibility analysis, and 1/3 the competitor analysis.

    Required Paper Formats:

    • Double-Spaced
    • 1” Margins on all sides of the document.
    • 12-point, Arial font
    • A simple cover page and a single corner staple.

    APA academic formatting will NOT be required for this paper as this will be a working document; however, I will require a works cited/reference page with parenthetical references sourced from passages in the paper back to the works cited/reference page

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Title: import-a-product-or-good-6-pages-minimum

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