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Ahmed Alkuraydaa

Professor Killingbeck

EPP 100

7 May 2013

Should be Online and Not Printed

In this era of
immense technological advancements the issue that whether newspaper should be
printed conventionally or not has gradually emerged as a debatable issue. It is
a fact that the rise in the number of computer users and the huge increase in
the number of online readers are pointer to the fact that the popularity of
online reading is gradually surpassing the popularity of reading the hard copy
versions. But arguments still exist in favor of printing newspapers in the
traditional manner and the supporters of this argument put forward some strong
point in favor. Though such advocates of printed newspapers may convey some
strong argument,in my opinion, for the sake of environmental safety, cost effectiveness,
and for adapting to the changing technologies, newspaper companies
should stop publishing their newspapers online, and should become more inclined
towards publishing the news online.

However, the
issue surrounding the mode of newspaper publication is a contentious one and
before leaping into any conclusion, the two sides of the argument must be
analyzed in an appropriate manner. Whether one accepts or not, the online
publication of newspapers is the need of the hour
. Primarily speaking
printing the newspapers online is a menace for the environment. Printing
newspapers means the emergence of the need of more and more papers and this
need means the felling of more and more trees. It is a proven fact that
“Manufacturing 1 ton of newsprint, which is enough to create approximately
280,000 broadsheet pages, requires the contents of 12 mature trees”
So, it
can be observed that in a time when human beings are regretting their over-indulgence on
deforestation in the name of civilizing and modernization, printing the
newspapers on papers should be treated as a heinous act that can be equated to murder.
.docx#_msocom_1″>[LU1]Furthermore, from the logistics’
perspective online
publication of newspaper is quite more cost effective than printing newspapers
Whether the advocates of printed version of newspapers accept or not, it is a
truth that “Digital or online editions of newspapers “allow for the easy
delivery of news immediately. This could represent a very large saving on the
amounts spent on delivering hard copy publications. The use of Digital versions
also opens up markets which would otherwise have been much more expensive for
readers to access
”. So, judging from these angles, it can be said that
publication of newspaper should replace the printed mode because the former is
much more environment friendly and cost-effective than the latter.docx#_msocom_3″>[LU3].

the supporters of the printed version of newspapers are not ready to accept the
arguments of the advocates of the online version. The proponents of the printed
version argues that the “hard copy newspaper represents a point in time that
is repeated every 24 hours. On the Internet, stories are constantly updated, so
it’s easy to lose sense of the chronology of the news unfolding after the
events occur”
But this argument is a weak one in comparison to the argument
that through the online versions of newspapers the readers get the right news
at the right time globally. In respect of logistics, as stated earlier.docx#_msocom_4″>[LU4],
online newspapers are distributed far more easily than the hardcopy version and
it is an advantage for the online readers to get updated news each time they
log in to read one. Supporters
of the printed version of newspapers claim that reading newspapers online is time
consuming.docx#_msocom_5″>[LU5]because “It takes a
long time to do all that clicking back and forth, from the home or section page
to the article to the second part of the article back to the home/section page
and on to another article”
. Also, this argument can also be refuted by
providing the counter-argument that today the majority of newspaper readers
spend more time online and in interacting over the Internet for professional
and personal purposes and for them reading the printed version of newspapers is
wastage of time. Moreover, unlike the printed version the online version of
newspapers is also budget-friendly for many readers because, unlike the printed
publications, online publications like the Al-Jazeera provide the readers with
extra benefits like provisions for free contents. Hence, judging from this angle.docx#_msocom_6″>[LU6]too
it can be
said that newspaper companies should follow the shifting trend and should
abandon printing newspapers conventionally on papers and should give more
emphasis on the online publication of the news..docx#_msocom_7″>[LU7]

, online
newspapers are distributed far more easily than the hardcopy version and it is
an advantage for the online readers to get updated news each time they log in
to read one. However,.docx#_msocom_8″>[LU8] keeping in mind the environment friendliness
of online newspaper publications and understanding the cost-effectiveness of
the online trend, newspaper companies, adhering to the changing trend in the
realm of reading, must discard the practice and business of publishing
newspapers in printed/hardcopy version and should focus more on publishing
newspapers online.

is a new argument – do not introduce a new argument in your essay

minor claim

would be a nice concluding sentence if it concluded the paragraph (only one
idea) – either cost effective paragraph or environment paragraph


idea; new paragraph

is too general – restate the idea as a transition.

is a nice concluding sentence, but it should be related more closely to the
point that is made in this paragraph.

Because……., newspaper companies should follow…

transition words

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Title: in-this-era-of-immense-technological-advancements

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