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1. Instead of complaining about problems, how should the administrative medical assistant deal with problems?
2. Describe why an effective health care worker should be skilled at understanding human behavior.
3. What type of lifestyle is the patient encouraged to develop through the holistic approach to health care?
4. Is it necessary for the administrative medical assistant to be familiar with the abbreviations of medical positions? Why or why not?
5. Why was a Patient’s Bill of Rights developed by the House of Delegates of the American Hospital Association?
6. List the five components of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in order of importance.
7. List five different types of defense mechanisms.
8. Briefly describe two differences between good communicators and poor communicators.
9. List three methods of providing feedback, either by oral or nonverbal response.
10. List five items that might be included on a patient instruction form.
11. List ten items that may be included in a patient registration form.
12. Mr. Anthony Charles (patient) has arrived in the office. It is 9:00 a.m. How would you greet him?
13. How should you end a telephone call?
14. Explain five things the assistant should do when receiving a complaint from an angry caller.
15. Describe how to determine if a scheduling system is satisfying patient needs and is flexible enough for the practice.
16. Is it advisable to schedule a patient appointment more than one month in advance? Why or why not?
17. Describe the difference between a new patient and an established patient.
18. Describe the first three steps the medical assistant should take if a record cannot be found.
19. List three advantages of microfilming data.
20. List the indexing units of the following: Jefferson Community Health Center.
21. For insurance purposes, what should an abstract of a patient’s chart include?
22. Describe the difference between subjective and objective information.
23. What is the difference between a Schedule I drug and a Schedule V drug?
24. List the six sections of the Physicians’ Desk Reference
25. Why are some prescription abbreviations prohibited by JCAHO?

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