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Guidelines for your Research Paper/Project

Your Research paper has 30 points and it should be a solid,
comprehensive and well-written paper. Although the deadline is February 27, you
should start working on it now. I want
you to write your Research Paper on a Regional Organization with a focus i.e.
take a case of its activities and critically analyze and evaluate (see the list
in the Portal). The topics are there with your names. Your paper must have the

You must read relevant materials about your
topic; first start with on-line sources; go to www. (name of your organization).
org. You will get all the basic information. Write 3-4 pages about the
organization, its structure, function and activities and then go to the main

You should organize your thoughts and prepare a
short outline, proposal/plan for your essay and feed materials into the plan.

Your essay should have a structure with; An
Introduction; Main Body with Sub-Chapters dealing with different questions and
issues, a Conclusion, and Reference.

You must use References, any style you like (as
I showed you), in your paper (the list of materials you used in writing your paper
with the detailed) otherwise it is a plagiarized paper.

Edit the paper for grammar and spelling mistake
before submitting (it is in MS Word).

You must use the proper reference as I showed
you in the class. Al least 8 different Sources (references) should be used in
your paper.

The paper should be about 10 pages long, Font;
New Roman Times, Font 12, Space 1.5. In word counting 3000 words.

If you want me to check and give comments on
your draft you must send me the paper ONE week before the Deadline.

Good luck and all
the best

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Title: international-civil-aviation-organization-icao

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