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Human implantable chips are no longer mentioned only in science fiction novels–the technology exists now. Manufacturers of the chips are ready to meet the demand of chip implantation into a massive number of human beings. Chip implantation has even been suggested as a way of solving the immigration problems in the United States. The issues surrounding this topic are limitless. Just a few of the topics that play a part in the discussion of the ethics of this technology are privacy, security, and religious viewpoints.

The Quest
This quest is designed to give students an in-depth look at the role implanted chips may play in the future of individuals, businesses, and the security of our country. Both the positive benefits and negative ramifications will be explored. Students should also explore the history of this technology and examine how it has evolved from fiction to fact.

Each student should pick a specific topic surrounding this issue which follows:
1. How might identification chis help increase our nation’s security?
2. How long has this technology been available?
3. What current events have made the possible use of this technology become more feasible in the eyes of some people?
4. What roles does the right to privacy play when considering the use of identification chips?
5. How are the chips currently being used in animals?
6. How might these chips affect a person’s medical care?
7. Some religions have specific views surrounding this issue. Why? Also, would, or should, these religious views be a waiver to not receive the chip if it were mandated?
8. How might a business implement identification chips? Is the cost prohibitive or would the technology pay for itself in the long run?

1. Pick at least one research topic from the list above. Make sure that you do not focus solely on the negative or positive benefits of the chip.
2. Create a presentation describing the results of the research.
3. The presentation must include supporting resources.

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English, Literature & Philology

One of the central concerns with regard to the structuring of this class has been to demonstrate the ways in which histories


Title: introduction-human-implantable-chips-are-no-longer-mentioned-only-in-science

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