Leadership Lens Matrix

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The President is not expecting solutions to the problem at this point. But, instead, she is expecting a plan, including strategies for how to mobilize leadership at Anywhere University to address the problem or situation. Your plan will include a set of recommendations for how the affected stakeholder groups can work together to take action regarding the problem or situation and what factors should be considered as Anywhere U begins to tackle the issue or problem.

It should include the following elements:

  • A succinct description of the problem or situation faced by Anywhere University;
  • Examination of the problem or situation from the perspective of internal stakeholder groups including administrators, faculty, staff, and students (as applicable to your problem or situation);
  • Considerations for implementing a change process including the difficulties and challenges of change related to the problem or situation;
  • Anticipated conflicts for addressing the problem or situation;
  • Considerations for issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion as they apply to the problem or situation;
  • Considerations for stakeholder input into decision-making processes;

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Title: Leadership Lens Matrix

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